December 5th, 2014


Why can't they let it go?

We're having a bit of a weird disconnect going on, because we started writing up LiveJournal posts about the manga we just translated, to save and post when the book goes on sale. Today we wrote one about Let's Dance a Waltz 1, and it's making things weird for two reasons. First, here we are writing a LiveJournal post, when I thought we already wrote one. Second, we're like, "Okay, time to start getting comments about Let's Dance a Waltz! ...Or not, because we didn't actually post about it."

Anyway, we have another dilemma coming up that's really one of those things that most people would probably roll their eyes and be like, "You call that a problem?" and it's this: Disneyland just announced that they're going to have like a million new Frozen attractions (okay, maybe like four or five, and not rides, but shows, shops, and meet & greets, and a party) starting in January. Normally we'd just ignore it and go on our merry way, but our Disneyland buddy Gaston is a huge Frozen fan, and he's going to want to check out all of it. And we want to be good friends and not wet blanketish about the whole thing.

And for that! we'd like to ask for some help. Obviously there are a lot of people out there who do like Frozen, or it wouldn't be so all over the place now, so what we're hoping for is some convincing that maybe we don't have to have a visceral aversion to Frozen after all. (I'm not a hundred percent sure how it grew into a visceral aversion from just a, "Oh. I didn't really like that movie. Oh well." We think it usually happens when we have the indifferent reaction, and then we can't get away from it because everyone thinks it's the best thing ever. But seriously, when I think about it, I realize Frozen wasn't the worst movie ever; we just didn't like it that much.)

So my question is this: what makes Frozen such a good movie? And we want specifics. Gaston usually just boils it down to great music, great story, and great animation. But we don't really agree with that assessment, so we'd like to see some supporting arguments. I realize that we can be argumentative, and that might make it hard to step forward with opinions, but! I promise not to argue with anyone. If we ask a follow-up question, please don't take it as an argument--we just want more information. (One exception to the "we promise not to argue" promise: if someone says anything along the lines of, "Unlike previous Disney movies..." then you absolutely must be prepared to back that up, because we will totally fight you on that. But hey, if you've seen the previous Disney movies recently and/or often enough, you might win the fight.)

I'm especially interested to know what makes Elsa so appealing as a character. I know she has ice powers and a song that a lot of people love, but personality-wise she seems kind of weak. (I'm just getting my say in before I shut up about it, because I promised not to argue.) People talk about fairytale princesses as being very passive, not initiating any action themselves, and just letting things happen to them. That seems pretty much exactly what Elsa did, with the one exception of running away and building an ice castle. Am I wrong? (And that's the end of my two cents on Elsa, at least for this post and any comments on this post.)

Today I'm thankful for having a post on Let's Dance a Waltz to look forward to posting (in April-ish), finishing work early today, having time to do some card housekeeping in Kingdom Hearts [chi], having a pizza to look forward to eating for dinner, and having an evening of Kingdom Hearts ahead of us.