November 4th, 2014



Oh man, we did not expect work to take so long today. Maybe we should have, though, because we were editing our translation of that Kamakura Monogatari excerpt. That story has a lot of Kamakura lingo, so it requires a lot of research, kind of like Noragami. Only Noragami, thankfully, does not (so far) have maps. Maps are one of the absolute worst things to translate. I guess if you've lived in the area the map represents and are not geographically-challenged like we are, maps wouldn't be so hard. Like, we'd have a super easy time translating a map of Disneyland. But it would still be tricky, because if you want to be nice to the letterer, you have to come up with ways to indicate which word on the map each translation is translating.

It also didn't help that we spent an hour and a half trying to play Kingdom Hearts [chi]. The laptop's had a difficult-to-get-rid-of-and-probably-malware-program on it for a long time, and we never worried too much about it because the only thing it seems to affect is our ability to play Kingdom Hearts [chi], but it was really bad this morning, so we looked seriously into getting rid of it. We might have succeeded! But KH[chi] is still kinda slow, so we're still cautious. Of course, there's also a strong possibility that the slowness of the laptop can be attributed to a certain twelve-pound weight that likes to position itself on the keyboard (her name is Page), and the functions of the various key combinations that said weight inadvertently discovers.

Anyway, now we've finished our second draft, and we're planning to turn it in tomorrow morning! I think the important thing after that is to forget all about it, which we probably won't have too much trouble doing because we have a ton of stuff to think about, including but not limited to the long list of deadlines from our editor at Kodansha. I'm excited to get back to that.

Today I'm thankful for finishing that second draft, being done with work for the day, Page finding a snuggly warm place on the couch, our current volume of My Little Monster not having any maps, and the chocolate muffins not going bad like the chocolate donut holes.