November 3rd, 2014


Let's try this again

Maybe it's the "getting back to work after taking a week off" thing, or maybe it's the "having had to spend about an hour working on figuring out what happened to a lost payment" thing, but today is feeling pretty blah. So we're sort of taking it easy today, in the sense that the idea of working any longer is so torturous that we kind of have to stop early.

Anyway, we only technically worked today...although I guess since what we did is what we usually do when we're working, I guess we really did work today, but we didn't do anything that we have a contract for, so it's not technically our job, or something. But the point is, we decided that we are interested in going to Japan, and since we're having a very difficult time doing that the regular way (saving up money and going), we figured we might as well try out this translation contest thing again. I'm still not sure how I feel about it, though, what with all the torment we put ourselves through in reading the judges comments from last year. There's also the thing about how maybe this kind of thing is really more for the benefit of amateurs than people who are already in the industry. I don't know.

We decided to go with Kamakura Monogatari for our entry, because if the judges are so into character voice, that'll be the one that's easiest to use obviously different ones. It's hard, though, because we're always second-guessing ourselves, and always thinking, "But does this wording make the character sound unique enough!?" But today was just the first draft. We'll figure that stuff out in the second draft, probably tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our first draft of that entry, getting to eat delicious vanilla fudge last night, having Sailor Moon to watch tonight, having lots and lots of yummy snacks, and maybe having plans to go to Wednesdays with Walt on Wednesday.