November 2nd, 2014


Like the funniest

I remembered two things from our Disneyland trip on Monday that I wanted to post about, and then I forgot one of them. The one I remembered had to do with the tram ride back to the parking lot. We got another cast member using the PA system for comedy. Most of his jokes were repeats from the last time this happened, but there was one new joke that we thought was really funny, though to prevent myself from overhyping it, I should point out that it was late and we were exceptionally tired.

So what happened was, he started talking like this: "Okay, show of hands. How many of you went to Disneyland Park today? ...Okay, about ten of you." (I will point out here that we were not the only tired people on the tram. Usually very few people are listening to these spiels.) "How many of you went to California Adventure? ...Okay, one person. How many of you went to both parks? ...Nobody. Okay, to those of you who didn't raise your hands: Where did you go today? And why did you park here?"

That was like the funniest thing we'd heard in a very long time. Not that it actually was. I'm pretty sure we'd heard a lot of funny things throughout the day, and it certainly is possible that that was the funniest. But whether or not it was, it was like the funniest thing we'd heard in ages.

I still don't remember the other thing I wanted to post about, so instead I'll talk about why it's so cool to be in our ward. Because we're pretty much the Disneyland ward, we get all kinds of visitors, which is especially cool when we have fast & testimony meeting, because that's when anyone can get up and talk, and sometimes the visitors will do just that (especially on days like today, when the bishop gets up and says stuff like, "There should be a line, and you should all be fighting to get up here and bear your testimony." I kinda have to disagree with the fighting part, though).

Anyway, today we had a visitor who introduced himself as Brother Awesome, but not like the English word awesome (but I don't know how to spell his name, so he's now Brother Awesome). He joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Pakistan many years ago, and what was especially interesting to the two of us is that he was the one they asked to translate the Book of Mormon into the Pakistani language. So that was really neat. There was also an Australian family visiting on another leg of their roadtrip across the US, visiting various church sites and apparently also Disneyland.

Today I'm thankful for all the interesting visitors who visit our ward, getting some chocolaty things for Bread Day, having vanilla fudge to look forward to later, the people who made good on their promise to come to choir practice today, and getting an extra hour of sleep this morning.