October 18th, 2014


We'll have a vacation vacation♪

Today we are taking a vacation from our vacation. We've taken a lot of time off in the last week. Some of it was to do fun stuff, and some of it was to do not-so-fun stuff, but all of it involved not getting enough sleep and proceeding to exert ourselves more than usual. So this weekend, we're relaxing.

Apparently it's also a day of soliciting. We had one woman come by selling newspaper subscriptions, the proceeds of which would go to sponsor her through school, I think. She said she was in foster care, too, so it would have been really hard to say no, except for the fact that we're currently broke. And I think I already have a subscription to the LA Times. Sigh.

We also had a visit from some very adorable, very sincere Baptists, inviting more people to come to their church. The first man who came to our door didn't speak any English, so he called his son over, but then, since they're supposed to have women talk to women, they called a couple of other high school girls over. It was super cute.

It also brought up some interesting things to think about. Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for getting to sleep in this morning, the chance to have a vacation from our vacation, finally being caught up on our Fairy Tail watching, not having to go to church early tomorrow (we were going to rehearse a special musical number for sacrament meeting, but it's been postponed), and Gaston buying us whole milk and string cheese.