October 17th, 2014


How bizarre

For the first time this week, we had a normal workday! Woohoo! ...And tomorrow is the weekend. Oh well.

Anyway, we're going to finish up translating those sketches from Banri Hidaka, but first, we want to say that our personal preference for abbreviating the title Tenshi 1/2 Houteishiki is "Tenshi 1/2 (pronounced "Tenshi One-Half")." We know of a few too many things that start with Tenshi, and Tenshi 1/2 just has a nicer rhythm to it.

Moving on, there are only two bonus manga blog entries left, unless Hidaka-sensei draws up some more, but for now, we have the tale of the Honjo school lunches. Part one. Collapse )

And on to part two. Collapse )

And thus concludes the manga that can only barely be understood if you're not familiar with another manga. Ah, ha, ha.

Today I'm thankful for having plans to sleep in tomorrow, making good progress on work today, plans to have pizza for dinner tonight, Page rediscovering her cat bed, and getting to listen to Bamboo Scramble today.