October 6th, 2014


New camera! Probably!

Today is a very exciting day! Our new camera came! Woohoo!!!

In honor of the event, I was going to post the last two pictures that were taken on the old camera, but it appears I have not yet copied them onto the computer from the memory card. That can be changed easily enough, but it requires finding the old camera, and there's a slight problem with that. Locating the old camera would take time away from playing Kingdom Hearts. To illustrate how big a dilemma that is, I will tell you that we haven't even taken the new camera out of the box to play with yet, because we'd rather play Kingdom Hearts. In fact, we haven't even opened the package to see if it's the camera that got delivered (we're expecting one other package).

In fact, the day we got Kingdom Hearts, we also got the newest volume of Skip Beat!, and Skip Beat!, too, was put on the back burner in favor of Kingdom Hearts. (Athena read it yesterday. I'll read it...sometime when we've decided we've had enough Kingdom Hearts. Or next Sunday.)

But it's true I need to get the camera out so it can be ready for any time Page looks especially adorable. Maybe after a snack.

As for those two pictures, I definitely want to post them eventually! So you can look forward to that later.

That being the case...Kingdom Hearts!

Today I'm thankful for having a light workload today, getting to listen to our Polar Bear's Cafe Music Best CD while we worked (and then we started singing along to all the songs and we had to yell at ourselves to get back to work: "Do you want to play Kingdom Hearts or don't you!?"), getting a shiny package that's probably a camera, hot fudge, and new Castle tonight (which probably won't get watched for a while, because of Kingdom Hearts).