October 5th, 2014



Well, it's been another great general conference weekend. There is something that bothers me, though, and I hesitate to talk about it because it's such a sensitive issue, but here goes anyway. For the past two conferences at least, one of the speakers has mentioned same-sex marriage and how the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is against it. This is no secret and has been no secret for the past fifteen years or so. Yet for some reason, the mere mention of it is enough to make headlines in major newspapers.

Or one major newspaper, anyway. Maybe I shouldn't make such sweeping generalizations, because my whole problem with it is not so much with the fact that they're reporting it. My problem with it is that the way they spin it, keeping in mind that people are very likely to read headlines and nothing else these days, it makes it seem like all we ever do at church is talk about how God hates gay people (which, I emphatically must point out, is not (I repeat, NOT) something we believe).

To give you an idea of how far out of proportion this thing has been blown, we saw the headline on Facebook and thought, "Did they even mention that this conference?" In fact, the one thing they mention in the article is the one and only time it was ever mentioned during the eight hours of conference we watched this weekend. So out of about eight hours, it was mentioned for maybe a whole minute--and the funniest thing about it all is that that talk was about how we should be respectful of people who don't agree with us! (It was something like this: "Some people believe this, this, and this that the Church doesn't agree with, and we should be respectful of them.")

Okay, I think I'm done ranting now.

On a lighter note, Elder David A. Bednar's talk had a super adorable story that I wanted to share. His talk was about why LDS people are constantly trying to tell other people about their church, and he illustrated it with this story about his kids when they were little.

One day, two of his kids were playing, and there was a fall. The younger brother got hurt, and, after determining that it wasn't serious, the parents decided to watch to see how the older brother dealt with the problem. The older brother took the younger brother into the kitchen, pulled a chair up to the sink, and had them both stand on it while he poured copious amounts of dish soap onto his little brother's arm to clean the dirt off the scratches. After much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, the older brother decided it was clean enough, then he climbed onto the counter and pulled some medicinal ointment out of the cabinet. He squeezed nearly the whole tube onto his brother's arm, and his brother didn't cry anymore because now his arm was feeling better. Then the older brother took some bandages and covered the younger brother's arm in them, from wrist to elbow.

Once the wound was treated and everyone was okay, the little brother took the not-quite-empty tube of ointment and the remaining bandages, and immediately went out to all his friends and started bandaging them up. He felt so good after what the ointment and bandages did for him that he wanted to share that good feeling with his friends.

And that's why we like to tell people about our church. We like to share things that make us happy.

Today I'm thankful for even more great conference talks today, Elder Bednar's super adorable family stories, getting to eat some peanut buttery trail mix, getting to hear the shiny HD version of the Land of Dragons music in Kingdom Hearts II, and getting to read Grandpa's books online.
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