September 30th, 2014


Another day at Disneyland

Every time we get back from Disneyland, we end up wondering why we're so thoroughly exhausted when we couldn't have been at the park that long. In this case, we think it's from sleep deprivation and lack of sunblock, because sunburn will sap your energy, and we woke up early Saturday and Sunday, and had a lovely sleep-depriving adventure on Sunday night. (I don't want to go into the details, but the short version is efforts to unclog the toilet were failing. The story ended when Alice drove us all to a gas station for a bathroom break before we finally went to sleep at about two.)

But anyway, we had a good time at Disneyland, and we got several new experiences because Gaston was in a wheelchair. We've heard stories of people getting wheelchairs because they're tired, or just to take advantage of the "not having to wait in line" feature, but we always shunned those ideas as dishonest and/or lazy. But since Gaston had really broken his leg, and was in fact reduced to either going around in a wheelchair or hopping on one leg all day, this time it was fully legit.

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After an almost full day in the park, Gaston and Alice took us to Target to buy a plunger, and we also got some Ghirardelli squares (of the type we failed to buy when we went to the Ghirardelli shop at California Adventure) and maple frosting. And now, thanks to Gaston's demonstration of how to use a plunger, our toilet works again. So it was a pretty good day overall.

Today I'm thankful for another fun day with friends at Disneyland, said friends being very patient with our not-working toilet, said friends also helping us fix the toilet, having more Ghirardelli's sweet dark chocolate cookie minis, and the neat experiences from having a wheelchair at Disneyland.