September 23rd, 2014


This and that

Page is doing much better now that she's dry and not sticky. She was even extra snuggly last night, so we can be pretty sure she's not holding any of the terrible experience against us.

In the meantime, today we got started on Say I Love You 6, and there's talk of an overnight trip to (Disney)Land, and they're making a really big deal out of the "overnight" part, and we are like, "No! Disneyland is not for that sort of activity!" I mean, honeymoons are okay, but Disneyland is supposed to be pure and chaste, so wait until the honeymoon. We'll see how it turns out.

Right now we're waiting for a file to download for another project that needs to be finished by tomorrow morning. We're taking over from the middle, and from what we've read of it, it shouldn't take too long, but it will be a little trying to start a translation this late in the day. It's kind of a funny concept, so we'll probably say more about that when it's officially official...and actually I have no idea what "officially official" means, and I think it's not really an accurate description, because I think that what I mean is "when we decide there's no way it can be a problem to say anything about it," which would not make it official so much as personal...I think. Anyway, I think what it basically means is "when the translation goes live."

That reminds me, we started translating something for a friend on Facebook and then stopped in the middle. We should probably go finish that.

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Today I'm thankful for making good progress on Sukina, Page feeling much better, getting to play Mysteria last night, having ice cream for later, and reminders to finish what we started.