September 21st, 2014


Cat stories

Oh my goodness, poor, poor Page. Like, for real, not just because she's hanging out behind bars. We did a terrible, terrible thing to her. The other day, Athena noticed an unusual spot on her face, and when she went to investigate, it turned out to be a bug! Athena had to chase the thing all over Page's face to catch it, and she did and she flung it away! And she wanted nothing more to do with it.

A few days later, it happened again, only Athena didn't manage to catch it. We're not entirely sure how it got there, because Page never goes outside, but there are a lot of little animals all around our apartment, and we've had the windows open all summer. Anyway, the point is, when we went to the store yesterday, we picked up some flea treatment. Today we applied it, and now Page is mad at us. To the point where she was hiding out under Athena's bed, and then we went to hang out in the bedroom for a little while, and Page left. She wants nothing to do with us right now.

She was really good about it, though. Athena grabbed her to put the treatment on, and she didn't struggle at all until there got to be more and more treatment and it got to be more and more uncomfortable. And we got the natural kind, made with peppermint and some other essential oils, so the smell is very strong. So strong, I knew she had walked by our door just now because I caught a whiff of it. And she can't get away from it! Poor Page. We just really hope this helps her stop looking so disdainful of the world.

In other news, Athena had some fun discussion in her Primary class today. There was a visitor, who very quickly launched into the whole story of how she came to be in our ward's Primary today. Her parents tricked her, and said they were going to another city, without further explanation. They went to that city, then got on an airplane, and her parents told her they were going to climb four mountains (Space, Splash, Big Thunder, and the Matterhorn). And then she went on Ghost Galaxy (Space Mountain, Halloween style), and it was really scary. The ghost looked like a ghost from a PG-13 movie (<--hilarious and apt description). And the visitor went on it twice because of the baby swap program (if parents have a kid that's too young or too small to go on a ride, they get to take turns and the second one doesn't have to wait in line), and her mom said she was crazy to go on it twice, so, since Athena had said she would be going to Disneyland sometime soon, the girl added, "So you better not go on it!"

And all that leads me into our own Halloween Disneyland adventures. By which I mean, we're finally posting those pictures from last year. The pictures got posted in backwards order, and I'm too lazy to change it, so scroll to the bottom and go up if you want the proper order of things.

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Tadah! There you have it. Or there you will have it, after you scroll up.

Today I'm thankful for the lovely scent of Page's flea treatment, having a slightly better idea of how the LJ scrapbook feature works, having plenty of lovely dessert options for tonight, having a ride to church today, and being done looking through pictures of ourselves.