September 11th, 2014


GameStop Expo

I did start to update LiveJournal yesterday. Here's what I wrote:

"I don't know if I'll finish this entry because our day turned out to be simultaneously busier and less busy than we'd planned. In about fifteen minutes, we're leaving to go to a Primary Board Meeting, which is actually kind of a get-to-know-you get-together sort of a thing.

But anyway! today was GameStop Expo, which made it the perfect day to have an early UQ Holder! chapter to work on. Since it was early, we don't have to turn it in super fast, but we're overachievers sometimes, and we tried anyway! But then we realized that we are ridiculously weak when it comes to going Outside in the Sun, and we were kind of headache-y and took a break to get something to eat and watch Murder, She Wrote, and now we don't have time to finish. So we're updating LiveJournal instead!

As for the expo! It was nice. We didn't have money in time to get VIP registration, and for not-VIPs, the event didn't start until eleven. They didn't really have any panels or anything, so we figured we wouldn't be there all day anyway, and there was no need to rush to get there. We were a little concerned because about a week or so ago we checked the Anaheim Convention Center's calendar (we totally missed...WonderCon? Some event that would have been awesome if we'd only known about it) and didn't see GameStop Expo on the schedule, so we were a liiittle bit wary of the whole thing.

That being the case, we decided not to wear our costumes to the venue, because what if we showed up and the event was some kind of an illusion or something? So we packed them up and made our way to the convention center. As we approached, we saw a big banner on the building that said GameStop Expo, so we took heart. As we got even closer, we got a little more eager to put on our costumes, even though we saw hardly anybody else in costumes. But one, it was the Anaheim Convention Center, where we have so many happy cosplay memories, and they had new fountains and things that would have been great for cosplay photos if it wasn't a million degrees outside (that's another reason I didn't wear my costume to the convention center--it has a nice warm sweater with a turtleneck). And two, with so few cosplayers there, they needed some more cosplay action.

We finally made it to the registration line and waited and waited and waited. While we waited, a staffer came buy and handed out earbud wraps with the GameStop logo on them. Our first freebie! We also saw a guy with a Final Fantasy Type-0 backpack, of the variety that is handed out as freebies at conventions, and now we were super impatient to get inside. We are ridiculously excited for the release of that game, and we wanted to go to Square-Enix's booth and see if we could learn more.

Finally, we got our badges, at which point we went inside and found a bathroom so we could get changed. That took longer than we wanted because we were impatient, but finally! we were in full Kingdom Hearts Donald and Goofy costumes and ready to go!

Our first stop, of course, was the Square-Enix booth. They had demos of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ReMix and Theatrhythm and a few other things that I didn't take note of. They also had! a Kingdom Hearts backdrop for you to take pictures in front of, complete with a Kingdom Key prop! That was when we realized how very badly we need to get a camera or at least a smartphone. Seriously, who goes to a convention in cosplay without a ca"

I'm sure I finished that last sentence, but it didn't save the end of that paragraph before we decided it was time to go outside and meet our ride. Something about it being a really silly idea to go to a convention without a camera, I'm sure.

Anyway, as for the cosplay at the convention, there was us, and a Sora, and a couple of girls with makeup that made them look all bloodied, but not really in a zombie kind of way, and a Wario and a Sonic the Hedgehog, and a lot of people with superhero capes, mostly Batman. There was one Batman with a really fancy cowl, and he seemed to be really interested in the cosplayers, because every time we saw him (two or three times), he was asking a cosplayer (including us) for a picture. He found us at the Square-Enix booth, so at least somebody got a picture of us standing in front of that backdrop with the Keyblade. Athena held the Keyblade while he held out his really cool bat-wing cape.

As for Sora, of course we had to say hi, but we didn't have a camera, so we all posed and said cheese and then we went our separate ways.

But back at the Square-Enix booth, we found the Final Fantasy Type-0 backpacks and grabbed one! And we asked the guy sitting behind the table what the word was on a release date. He told us that it should come out within the next twelve months, and apparently that's huge news as far as hoping for North American releases of Square-Enix games. Oh well. Then we checked to make sure it was okay to just take the backpack, and he said sure and you can have a Dead Island one, too, and we were like, "Uh, no. It's all about Final Fantasy." Then we left and realized oh yeah, we could have each taken one. So we went back later to get another one.

We found a line for a wheel-of-free-stuff and decided to stand in it. I was really hoping for a t-shirt, because I love free t-shirts, and then when we got closer to the front of the line and saw what the t-shirts said, I wanted one even more! They said, "Achievement Unlocked: Free T-Shirt." Oh my goodness, I wanted one so badly. But alas, it was not to be. All I got was an entry for the grand prize (a PS4 and a game that I didn't care as much about as the PS4 itself), which I didn't win. Athena got an e-guide for some sports video game.

We did play some video game demos! I really think that was the main point of the convention (she says, as if it's some brilliant revelation, even though it's pretty obvious that yeah, that would be the point of a video game convention that doesn't make any industry announcements). We usually don't ever play demos for some reason. But we did yesterday! because we wanted to check out the Nintendo booth, and one of the staffers spotted us and said, "Hey, wanna play Smash Bros.? Sure you do! Here's a controller!" So Athena played as Princess Zelda and even won a round! Sometimes we think it would be fun to play a four player game with friends...if only...

We also went to the Disney booth because we were hoping they would have Tsums for sale. They did not, but they did have demos of the new Fantasia: Music Evolved game that's coming out next month. It's one of the Kinect games, where I guess the idea is that you act like Mickey Mouse did in the Sorcerer's Apprentice segment of Fantasia--the Kinect watches your movements, and the screen directs you to wave your arms and make sparkles appear or something. It has all kinds of different songs to choose from, but we were like, "Duh, it's Fantasia. Give me some classical music!" So we conducted Night on Bald Mountain, and there was not nearly as much flailing as I would have expected. I'm hoping that will change if you play the higher difficulty level version of that piece.

After that and a round of Theatrhythm (which would have been way more awesome if I'd noticed the headphones before we played), we decided we were pretty much done, so we walked home. Then we worked on UQ Holder! and then we collapsed and then we went to the Primary Board Meeting, where we met the Primary president's dog, named by her sons Umbreon. The end.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to GameStop Expo, the Expo not being an illusion, nifty Final Fantasy Type-0 backpacks, cute puppies named Umbreon, and cupcakes with just the right amount of frosting.