September 8th, 2014


On charming(?) princes

We saw a thing on Facebook today that said, "I don't care about Disney lying about my Prince Charming. I'm more upset about forest creatures and their unwillingness to clean my house." I love it so much, because first of all, yes, I wish forest creatures would clean my house. ...On the other hand, that might not be entirely sanitary. Also, Snow White is the only princess who got the animals to clean for her, and it probably only worked because she was right there cleaning with them. This is something people don't seem to realize about Disney princesses--they actually do have to put forth effort to get what they want.

Anyway, the other reason I love it is that, with all the people coming around saying that Disney gives us unrealistic expectations about how life is supposed to work and how it's bad for society, it's really nice to see someone pointing out that with all the things that happen in Disney movies, you'd think people would realize that their own personal lives are obviously going to be very different.

On the other hand, today we are translating Harlequin manga again, and contrasting them with Disney movies. This time, we translated a story about a woman who hates all men and thinks they're liars. So this guy falls in love with her, and he knows that she won't like him back because she thinks all men are liars, so to get her to fall in love with him he constantly lies to her. The aggravating thing about it is that it works. It's like, "I'm going to convince you that one man (me) is worth trusting by lying to you!" and she's like, "You're right, I love you and totally trust you even though you've just proven to me that you're a liar, too!"

All I can do is shake my head. It's kind of a cute story other than that. And that reminds me about a lot of church lessons we've had on uplifting entertainment. There's an object lesson that's used frequently, where the teacher will have a bowl of ice cream, but then they'll put a bug on it and say, "It's good ice cream except for the bug!" The idea is that you don't want the ice cream anyway, so why would you want to watch a movie that's "good except for this one awful part"? But I'm like, "Hey, don't you waste that ice cream! Take the bug off, and maybe throw away the part that the bug was on, and eat the rest!"

On the other hand, if I was eating ice cream and suddenly my spoon picked up a bug that was inside the ice cream, I would totally lose my appetite. There's no telling how long that bug's been in there, or where there might be other bugs! Ewwww!

Anyway, I'm not sure I really have a point. I think the point is, "Don't ever ever ever try to model your life after a romance novel."

Today I'm thankful for our payment finally getting through, the Japanese exchange rate being very much in our favor just in time for us to make a very important CD Japan order, getting to make our very important CD Japan order, finishing our first draft of that translation, and getting to make an important Kinokuniya order as well.