August 8th, 2014

kid flash

Goin' on a trip

Poor Page has had a very jumpy day. First, the new litter box started making noise in the middle of the night (that's what it's supposed to do, but she'd never seen it before), and then the gardeners came by and made a lot of noise trimming bushes and things. She'd follow us around for comfort(?), and we would try to pet her, but as soon as one of us touched her, she'd jump and get nervous all over again.

The gardeners won't be here all day, so she should have the evening to calm down...but tomorrow we're going to disappear on her! We're going to be visiting family in Fresno. And along those lines, we've been told a very touching story about Logan. One day, he was going out with the grandparents to buy new shoes, and out of nowhere he says, "I want my aunts." The kid's got like seven or eight of them, so the grown-ups questioned him as to which aunts he was so interested in seeing. He answered, "I want my two aunts." Awwwwwww♥

It looks like the name Thea has phased out since we moved. I think this is because it's a lot easier to say "your aunts" than "Aunt Alethea and Aunt Athena," and the adults are too polite to take a cue from Logan and just call us both Aunt Thea. But anyway, the kid's turning three very soon, so it's about time we go visit him. In the meantime, we finished work a little early today, and now we have a whole afternoon to play with.

Today I'm thankful for being the favorite aunts, finishing work early, Page using her new litter box (we'll see if she ever uses it again), managing to collect all the gummis we needed to advance the story in Kingdom Hearts [chi] before we go out of town, and Hershey's chocolate spread.