July 25th, 2014


How eventful

Oh my goodness, today. It's just been so full of stuff, and yet not. Like it's all silly little things, like taking five minutes to digitally sign and email some contracts. And accepting a package! We got a package, and it was gigantic. Why? Collapse )

Anyway, today we also wanted to come up with Halloween costume ideas, but then Square-Enix announced a Final Fantasy music video contest, and while we're not sure at all that we can win, we think it would be an awful lot of fun to try, especially because we have a concertina. So now we have two things to brainstorm, and we are terrible at brainstorming.

On top of that, Mom called this morning and we talked about the It's A Small World singing dolls that Disney released. She's been collecting them, and since there was a two-for-one sale at the Disney Store, she bought four today. But! they weren't selling the Hawaiian one that she wanted. An internet search for it revealed that she's also missing India and England. This won't do at all! But the only place we can think of to find them right now is eBay. So we're sort of on a quest to see if we can track down those dolls. Mom managed to find a decent price on the Hawaiian doll, so she ordered it, but there's still those other two. The annoying thing is that you can get a set with all three of those dolls at Amazon Japan for a decent price...but they won't ship to the US. The quest continues...

And finally, we had adventures in sink clogging. Our sink was draining slowly, so we figured, hey, we have some baking soda and vinegar! We should try that! So we found instructions online, and we tried it! Only it didn't work, probably for reasons of my being stupid that I'd really rather not go into (more because it's too complicated to explain than because it's embarrassing, although there is that). Long story short, our sink is not just draining slowly now--it's downright clogged. We found some boning and tried to use it like one of those snake things, and we're going to try it some more, but if we can't get it to work, we're going to have to report it. We tried to report it today, but the office was closed by the time we got there. Ha, ha, ha, I might cry.

On the bright side, the grocery store had some salted caramel blondie bites, and they are delicious.

Today I'm thankful for our package arriving, fun things to exercise our creativity on, Kingdom Hearts [chi] giving away Moogle cards, the super cute Chip & Dale avatar costumes at Kingdom Hearts [chi], and getting to sleep in tomorrow.