July 24th, 2014


Lazy afternoons

It's just hot enough lately that we keep thinking, "We should get a fan," but not so unbearably hot that we would actually make the effort to do so. The tricky thing about it is if it does get to be that hot, it will be too hot to make any attempts to go to Target or somewhere that might sell fans, and even more too hot to walk home carrying a bulky purchase like that. Knowing us, there's a good chance we'll finally get a fan about late August, when the weather starts to cool down.

In the meantime, Page is so cute. She keeps following us around, and whenever we get up, she meows hopefully, as if perhaps we can take her somewhere cooler. One of the Mitsuwas our home teacher took us to had those cooling pads you can get for your pets, and we thought about getting one, but we were like, "Eh, it doesn't get that hot here, and Page always liked warmer temperatures." (That last theory came from the fact that she liked to have the balcony door open all throughout the summer back in Fresno. We're learning it may not be entirely true, or she's grown out of that phase.)

Also, we were planning to go to the grocery store, but work took longer than usual and it's hot, so we decided to wait until tomorrow. The only problem with that is that we're pretty much out of snacks, so when it came time for our after-work snack, we were at a bit of a loss. We solved the problem by eating half a package of Trolli Brite Eggs, which is significantly less food than we usually eat at snacktime, but I think the high sugar density is making up for it. ...Us and our oh-so-healthy habits. Eh heh.

Today I'm thankful for getting our work done today, Trolli Brite Eggs, capturing all the monsters from the Calm Lands, finding out before it was too late that the Saiyuki Twitter also has conversations with itself that we haven't been reading, and the Saiyuki gang's panda drawings.