July 1st, 2014


Working it out

Well, things are not working out the way we'd like in regard to Anime Expo, but they are working out. There is one bus that goes from Disneyland to the LA Convention Center, which is great because it means we won't have to worry about transfers or anything else that could raise the chances of getting lost. What's a little less great is that the walk from our place to Disneyland is not insignificant, and the thought of making that walk in order to get on a dreaded bus is unbelievably unappealing. There is a bus we could get on to make that walk a little shorter, but 1)that would be an extra $2 cash each to save us a walk that we make on a semi-regular basis, and 2)it's another dreaded bus.

On the bright side, last time we went to Target, we bought some Dr. Scholl's gel insoles! If the packaging is accurate, that will make the walk invigorating! If it's not accurate, than hopefully it will at least minimize foot soreness. Either way, we will be gellin', for whatever that's worth.

In the meantime, today we got reaffirmation that we do, in fact, have a job. Yay! Very soon, we will be working on Noragami again. Double yay! We're really not sure what this will do to our Anime Expo schedule, if anything. The next week is going to be very iffy scheduling-wise. But at least it's all fun stuff. Except maybe for the whole bus business.

In a complete change of subject, we made a friend at the It's A Small World anniversary event back in April...and then promptly let ourselves get too distracted to ever contact her. Since we've had a lot of free time lately, we figured it was about time we looked her up. (I won't deny that a small part of my motivation was "more friends equals more possibilities of people who can drive to Anime Expo," but I fully realize that the idea is unrealistic.) The point is, she has a very lovely art page, and we wanted to share. Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for Haagen Dazs ice cream (it really is super good!), getting work emails, having something that should hopefully make it easier to be on our feet for a long time, the Disney Tsum Tsum app, and more Noragami soon!