June 30th, 2014



Well, our Anime Expo plans have hit a bit of a snag. Last Sunday (before yesterday), since I knew the Primary president's son was an anime fan, I asked her if he was going to Anime Expo in case maybe he could give us a ride there, too. Primary President said she didn't know, but she'd ask. One of her counselors overheard the conversation and said she'd ask her niece who is also an anime fan. This week, I found out that neither of them would be going. Boo.

Since we weren't sure who else to ask, we were kind of hoping maybe we'd finally hear about the big project that we've been waiting on for two months. If it started up this week, we'd be too busy to go to Anime Expo, but then we wouldn't have to worry about transportation anymore. So far, we still haven't heard anything.

Our last idea before braving public transportation was to ask Facebook if anyone could help, but before we got to it, we got a text message. Somehow we knew the text message was one to be feared, but we checked it anyway, because what else are we gonna do, right? It was our former neighbor--you know, the one we babysit for. She's going to need our services in about a month. While we still have our inexplicable dread of babysitting (seriously, we think about it, and we're like, "Seriously, what's so bad about it?" "Um..."), we're always willing to help, so we agreed. And we decided to make the most of it by asking if our old neighbor could drive us to AX.

She said sure! ...And then I told her what times we wanted to be there (5 on Thursday, noon on Friday), and she works until six on Thursday, and one on Friday. Boo, boo, boo! But she's still free on Saturday, so at least we can make it to the Kodansha Comics panel and Masakazu Morita's autograph session.

In the meantime, she's going to ask a friend of hers if she can help us out, and we've asked on Facebook. If worse comes to worst, we'll look into the dreaded public transportation. Or maybe that project will start up after all.

Today I'm thankful for our old neighbor being willing to help us out, having Haagen Dazs ice cream (Gaston keeps saying it's the best--he has a bias toward most things German, much like our bias toward most things Japanese--and since it was on sale, we decided to try it out), the shiny Riku card we got in Kingdom Hearts [chi], the lovely wedding invitation we got from our old Fresno anime buddy, and having a ride to Anime Expo at least for Saturday.