June 29th, 2014


Fun with music

You'll all(?) be happy to know that the choir performed beautifully today, even though our token "strong tenor" was out of town. Tadah!

But there's not a whole lot else to say about that, so let's move on. The dinner last night was...pretty much what we expected, dinner-wise. But afterward there was a testimony meeting, and that was really nice. It was also probably the reason the bishop was so earnest the day before when he asked if we'd be there, because we had opening and closing hymns.

And the reason I even bother bringing that up at all is that I learned that the stake center has a very fancy special piano--it plays all the hymns by itself! Primary songs, too! Athena points out that it's actually more of a keyboard than a piano--it's all electronic and computerized and stuff. But the only instrument settings are piano and organ (even if there's two or three of each). I was just amused because I was messing with it a little bit (when we first went into the room, a Relief Society person from another ward was trying to figure out how to get it to play different hymns than the one it was set to play), so I hit the "play" button and it started playing the hymn. Then I hit "stop" and tried to play something by myself, but whenever I hit a key, it didn't matter which key it was, it played the next chord in that same hymn.

It was pretty fun and awesome...and also a little sad. It makes me sad to think that such pianos would be necessary. Aren't people learning to play the piano anymore? Come on, it's fun!

Anyway, after the testimony meeting, there was another baptism, and the man getting baptized...is our next-door neighbor! But to prove what terrible neighbors we are, I thought about mentioning that yesterday, but I wasn't 100% sure that the guy is our neighbor, so I decided not to say anything because it would be really awkward to be wrong about it. We almost never see each other, mostly because Athena and I are such recluses. But we talked at the baptism, and nobody's offended. He was like, "If you ever need anything, seriously, just walk ten feet over..." And then we had really good chocolate cake from Costco.

Today I'm thankful for chocolate cake from Costco, being officially acquainted with our neighbors, fun with electronic pianos, the choir performing beautifully today, and still having some Ghirardelli's minis.