June 26th, 2014


What's in a name anyway?

We weren't entirely planning on disappearing yesterday; it just kind of happened. The original plan was to see if we had any work to do, and if not, work on costumes. What actually happened was I've had something resembling a sinus infection for a while now, and yesterday morning it got annoying enough that we decided it was time to put some effort into recovering. So we did a little reading, and then we played Final Fantasy X for the rest of the day. Tadah!

Oh, we also checked what people were saying about the latest UQ Holder!, and then someone pointed out that one of the new characters had a name in common with Paio Zi from Negima!, and since the Zi spelling was directly from the Negima! manga we completely forgot about how it was actually pronounced, which is ツゥ, and is nothing like the Zi pronunciation from Chao Bao Zi--the pronunciation that stuck in our heads in relation to that character. And since the Zi wasn't pronounced the same way in our heads as it was in the manga, we did not make the connection AT ALL, and so the name ended up having a not-matching spelling! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!

We could make the argument that, since UQ Holder! takes place several decades in the future, it's possible that the family changed the spelling of the name. We could also make the argument that in both cases, the Zi follows the other name, and since it's supposed to sound somewhat Chinese, and in Chinese the surname comes first, that must mean that Zi is not the family name, but an individual given name. On the other hand, both characters have six arms, so the idea that they're not related is a little less plausible. I mean, maybe if there were a bunch of other characters with six arms.

Sigh. We might have to talk to some editors. And pay more attention in the future. It's a little frustrating because we actually did do some research for that character's name! (The new one, we mean, because Paio Zi was spelled right there for us in the Negima! manga.) It was in katakana, which is always a red flag screaming "I might be related to some kind of folklore/mythology/religion!" And it was Asura, which is something we already know is related to Buddhism. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for characters with straightforward name spellings, getting to play lots of Final Fantasy X yesterday, new story in Kingdom Hearts [chi], finding Page after she disappeared this morning (it wasn't that big a deal, just that we don't have a lot of hidden corners in our place, and she wasn't in any of the usual ones), and the ability to breathe through both nostrils.