June 24th, 2014


Stay on Target

So lately we've got this list of "things to do if we don't have work," which we've kind of been working through. It's not necessarily a very productive list, as far as making it through our backlog of books or learning skills we've been thinking about for a while. That reminds me, I never posted that we finally fixed our concertina! We can play all the Es now, and all the other notes, I think. At least all the ones that are common enough to show up in our "how to play the concertina" book. But, as I mentioned, practicing the concertina has not made it onto the list. In fact, the list mostly consists of things that "it would be nice to get done before Anime Expo, but are almost totally unnecessary." Actually, our trip to Downtown Disney was part of that.

Anyway, on today's "agenda of things to do if we didn't have work" was a trip to Target. We had sort of decided, since we'd been pretty busy for a while and we hate having to ask people we haven't known for very long to take us shopping for this sort of thing, that if we did decide to go to AX, we were not going to cosplay. Not because we think we've grown out of it (the very thought! ridiculous!), but because we haven't had new costumes for so long that none of our costumes really feel like costumes anymore, and no one would recognize them, and sadly I think some of them may not fit. And we didn't have the time or energy to make new ones, nor did we have any good ideas for any.

But then we decided that we were, in fact, going to go to Anime Expo, and we couldn't help thinking, "Maybe we could come up with something..." It didn't help that when I asked the Primary president if her otaku son was going to Anime Expo (to see if we could catch a ride to the convention center), she asked a little excitedly if we were going to cosplay. I was not happy to say no.

When I relayed that story to Athena, she pointed out that we do have fabric for our Ace Attorney costumes, and if we keep not getting work, we might have time to make them. We thought it was a great idea...until we realized all our scissors got lost in the move. It's very difficult to make costumes when you can't cut the fabric into the right shapes. And so, once Downtown Disney was crossed off our list, the next item was to go to Target to buy a pair of scissors. (Of course it probably would have been smarter to buy them at Jo-Ann's or some other fabric store, but we don't know of any within reasonable walking distance. Target, on the other hand, is a place we can walk to. It's a little far, which is why we hadn't done it before, but not too far.)

In addition to that, while we were at the Disney Parks yesterday, we were talking about AX and cosplay, and remembering that Kodansha Comics is scheduled to have a panel. We thought it would be nice to be able to wear costumes that are related to something we translate for them. So we flipped through ideas that we might be able to get materials for without having to find some poor soul to drag to a fabric store, and we came up with something that would be very subtle, but we think rather clever: Hiyori from Noragami. We would each wear the exact same outfit, only one of us would have a cat tail. And since Hiyori wears normal clothes, we figured we could just buy some normal clothes at Target. Tadah!

Of course, we have a ton of matching shirts already, but, for example, we're pretty sure Hiyori would not be wearing a Ravenclaw shirt. Not that we think she wouldn't enjoy Harry Potter or be in Ravenclaw, but that she's probably more interested in Tono-sama. The point being, we're not really sure what kind of clothes Hiyori would wear. And it really doesn't help that the anime takes place in winter, because if we tried to pull up episodes to see her in plain clothes (as opposed to her school uniform), they would all be winter clothes which would not only be uncomfortable in July but which would be a little difficult to find at Target.

So we decided to just go to Target and use our own judgment. ...And our judgment is that we are way too intimidated at the idea of buying clothes. We found this shirt (the blue one), and thought it didn't seem too un-Hiyori. We probably would have just bought two of it right then and there, if not for the fact that we realized we don't have any matching jeans. I was able to determine from volume one of the manga that Hiyori wears jeans, but when we were there and trying to figure out which ones to buy, we were like, "But I don't know what STYLE she'd wear! Aaaaaahhhh!!" Plus, jeans cost more money than we like to spend. So we chickened out and didn't buy anything. But we might be willing to try again if we could get a second opinion on the kind of clothing Hiyori is likely to wear. It's kind of too fun an idea to pass up. (If only we could just make the school uniform...on the other hand, that's a lot of work to cosplay the same character.)

But anyway, we did successfully purchase a pair of scissors, so tomorrow's "agenda if we don't have work" is probably to work on making costumes.

Today I'm thankful for our concertina working again, having a mostly lovely trip to Target, having a bag of Ghirardelli minis, Page being so cute in the corner behind the plush snake, and finally getting to eat those donut holes we got at the grocery store.
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