June 23rd, 2014


Read the signs

We didn't have any work today, so we went to Disneyland. We were planning on just going to Downtown Disney, but then it occurred to us, since they're doing this "make Mondays happier" thing and they keep mentioning it on their Annual Passholders Facebook page, that maybe our passes weren't blocked out after all, so we checked and sure enough, we were good to go. We didn't stay long, though, just because.

We did have a cute experience in line to Indiana Jones, though. There was a family behind us that had never been on the ride before, and the kids were worried that it would be too fast with too many dips. We told them it wasn't as fast as Big Thunder--or at least, we're pretty sure it's not. It's one of those rides that you don't really think of as being fast or slow, just jolty.

But the point is, we were in line, and they have all these interactive things in the queue area. Or they did, anyway, but most of them are difficult to maintain and break down a lot (the ride is about twenty years old, after all), so now they only have one. The best one was the one in the room with all the spikes--there used to be a bamboo pole that was supposed to be keeping the ceiling from falling down on the tourists, and there was a sign that said "do NOT touch pole." So of course, you give it a good yank, and the ceiling comes down a few inches and spikes come out of it. Last time we went, I pulled on the bamboo...and it came unattached from the floor. Oops. It wasn't there this time.

But they still have the well with the archaeologist at the bottom (or trying to climb out, depending on when you get to him). There's a rope going down into the well, which I guess is how the archaeologist gets in and out, and/or transports his tools and artifacts. And of course, there's a sign that says "do NOT pull on rope." And since there wasn't any other interactive stuff to show these kids who hadn't been on the ride before, I pulled on it. But because of all the ambient noise, nobody could really make out what the archaeologist said until he got to, "Nooooooo! *thud*"

One of the kids then pointed out to me, "It says NOT to pull on the rope!"

I was so amused by that. I mean, obviously the signs were put there to draw your attention to the fact that you could pull on the rope and something might happen, and of course when you're in a booby-trapped temple, for your own safety you're going to want to obey those signs...unless you know you're really in a theme park and they won't kill you in a theme park ("As long as there's a dime in your pocket," according to the Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios). Or if you're the type to want to do something specifically because someone told you not to. The attractions that were built in the 90's rely on that kind of psychology a lot, as also evidenced by the signs all over Toon Town telling you not to do stuff (unless you really, really want to). And frankly, that's not the type of behavior that should be encouraged--if you're a tourist in the ruins of a booby-trapped temple, for crying out loud, obey the signs!

So I really admired that kid for having the sense to realize that signs are often put in places to communicate important information, and that it's usually safer, or just nicer (as in the case of the archaeologist in the well) to obey them.

After the ride, we did some shopping in Downtown Disney, as per our original plans, and then we splurged on sundaes at the Ghirardelli shop in California Adventure. And now we're home and tired because we are very out of shape.

Today I'm thankful for kids who are raised with sense (it was so cute, too, because he seemed genuinely confused that I would pull the rope when the sign specifically told me not to), getting sundaes at the Ghirardelli shop, finding the elusive onesie that Celeste asked us to get the one time (and then it had disappeared from all Disney shops until we went to the World of Disney Store today, although it was probably there again before today), discovering that Polar Bear's Cafe finally released an album with all the ending theme songs (they actually released it six months ago, but we didn't know about it until a couple of days ago), and having now ordered that CD.