June 21st, 2014


Grandpa's books

I do not know what to update LiveJournal about today. It's been one of those days where we start to think we should do something super awesome, but what...? And then we go off and watch anime or play video games instead. We did start reading one of our grandpa's books, though!

Actually, we started doing that a long time ago. An uncle of ours mentioned something on Facebook about how all of Grandpa's books are available online and gave a link, so we followed it, and tadah! Now we can read our grandfather's books. We'd been thinking about reading them for a long time, but whenever the idea stuck around long enough for us to do something about it, we'd find a website that sold his books...and the least expensive one would be like $35. We're not prepared to spend that much money on a book that would probably sit on a shelf unread for a very long time, so we figured we'd wait until we thought we had more disposable income. Then this link came along and all our problems were solved! Yay!

We weren't sure where to begin, so we started at the top of the list...which happens to be in alphabetical order. And so we began reading Abraham in Egypt, by Our Grandpa (not really trying to brag, just that that's how it really is labeled in my head). We also just happened to start reading it back when we were playing Kamigami no Asobi and being obsessed with Anubis, so reading a book about Egyptology was right up our alley!

Unfortunately, it's super long, and reading online isn't a thing we tend to fit into our routine very well. So here we are a couple of months later, with only a few chapters under our belts. It's really fascinating stuff, though. It also spends a lot of time talking about the Egyptologists who wrote off the Book of Abraham as a fraud, and how they didn't really know what they were talking about. It reminded us of ourselves talking about other translators, only from someone who's actually qualified to say stuff like that. But the point is, we were like, "Oh, now I know where we got our attitude problem."

So last week, when I was talking to Dad on the phone, I mentioned that very thing, and he said that you can read a lot of his snarky rebuttals to critics in Tinkling Cymbals and Sounding Brass, which seems to be a collection of essays in response to anti-Mormon literature. We probably would have just filed that information away for future reference, but since there's been a lot of talk on the internets lately that leans in that direction, we decided to check it out. So far we've read...the foreword. That in and of itself was pretty interesting (but not written by Grandpa). We look forward to reading more later...in the unspecified future.

Today I'm thankful for Grandpa's books being available online, powdered donut holes being on sale, getting to try Keebler's pita crackers (they taste the same as pita chips, but they don't quite have that nice crispness), getting to try a new anime, and people waiting until reasonable hours to call on Saturday morning.
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