June 9th, 2014



Well, we're still on vacation sort of, so today we did misc.! We worked on Saiyuki Reload Blast for a little while, but not as long as we wanted to, because we had chores to do. And it was getting to a point where the lack of chores being done was starting to really bug us, even more than the idea of actually doing them, so we figured it was time.

But! in the midst of it all! we received our package for Page! It's a good thing, too, because she has been very...something...today. Antsy? I don't know. Definitely antsy while we were doing our chores, and then when the gardeners were going around with their noisy gardening tools. But before that, she was following us around, asking for attention, vanquishing pens, etc. And even before that, we've been worried that she's been bored. So we finally ordered a window perch for her. And it came today!

...But we still don't know if she likes it, because even though we installed it, the instructions said that they recommend waiting for eight hours after installation before putting any weight on it or letting your pet use it. Boo. I think it's to make sure the adhesive tape stays adhered to the windowsill, and it's for her safety and everything, so we're following instructions despite our impatience. Fortunately, she hasn't been curious enough to explore the bedroom since the perch was installed. But if she does go in there, I don't think I'd stop her from trying it out. So far, the count is at about...one hour. Just seven more to go!

In other news, lyschan's recent post has us curious about when it's okay to tell people what you're working on and why. I don't know if there's an official "it's okay to tell people you worked on a series at this point" rule, other than if the series hasn't been announced yet, or if you're still bound by rules of confidentiality for any reason. So that's what we've been going with lately--if a publisher's announced a title, we don't see any reason not to talk about it, because chances are they wouldn't announce it unless everything is all worked out. Besides, if they haven't worked it all out, and they've announced it anyway, they've already made things awkward for themselves if things fall through. Athena points out that it does have to be an official announcement, as opposed to people using sneaky methods to get information ahead of time.

We also know that some people like to wait until volume one of the series has been published. Maybe that's related to the "sneaky people finding out about a potential license before it's officially announced" thing. We do sometimes wait before we talk about a series we work on, and that sometimes depends on our mood, like for Missions of Love, we were just feeling secretive. More often, we like to make sure it's not some fluke that we've been assigned a series. I don't know where that paranoia comes from exactly; maybe it was Kilala Princess...or Hoshi wa Utau, but we would never have been able to talk about that one anyway, because it was never announced. Until TokyoPop went under and it was never going to happen anyway. But the point is, in the case of waiting to make sure we're really for real assigned to a series, usually we figure it's okay as soon as we have the book and the contract.

Anyway, that's all our reasoning behind our talkativeness or secretiveness about stuff we're working on. So we're curious about what other people think! (Partly because I'm worried that there's something we don't know--something that says, "Seriously wait until volume one's been published or Very Bad Things could happen!") Thoughts?

Today I'm thankful for having a nice little window perch for Page, having our chores done, getting to refresh our memories about Saiyuki Reload Blast (volume two comes out in July!), getting to sleep in this morning, and Donald Duck (happy birthday!).