June 5th, 2014


Watchin' anime

Things continue to be relatively uneventful on the work front. I don't have a lot to talk about, I think, so maybe I'll talk about some of the anime we've been watching.

First, Collapse )

And now let's talk about Collapse )

And finally, we've been watching Sailor Moon on Hulu. It's a blast from the past in more ways than one! We're watching the old episodes that got us hooked on the series (only we didn't discover its regular timeslot until Nephrite was around, so we're actually not there yet, but it's still the first batch of episodes that we watched over and over and over), and I don't know why, but when we play it on Hulu, it goes without subtitles (this is probably a very good thing, because if there were subtitles, we would be overly critical of them).

And that's a blast from the past because when we couldn't get any more new episodes (this was before Cartoon Network picked it up, so we didn't even have the end of Sailor Moon R), our friend found out how to get videos via the internet...and they didn't have subtitles, either! Only back then, we had no idea what they were saying, so it was kind of like watching WALL-E--we could tell it was good, but we couldn't watch it for too long because our brains start to check out if there's no intelligible dialogue to keep us engaged.

So basically our only complaint about the Sailor Moon / Hulu arrangement is that when we started watching Sailor Moon back in the day, we got one new episode a weekday--five episodes a week. Now we only get two! So we're like, "What's up with that? Is it a translation time problem? Because we can totally help you with that!" Oh well. We'll just have to make do with all our other myriad forms of entertainment.

Today I'm thankful for Page not staying on the keyboard the whole time we were working, getting to buy chocolate pretzels at the store, having the ingredients to make peanut butter sandwiches sort of like the ones they sell at Disneyland candy shops, having lots of fun anime to watch, and remembering how much we like The World Ends With You.