May 15th, 2014


It's too hot.

I must say, the new LiveJournal is kind of freaking me out. But the new design seems to be trying to match a lot of new web designs (like CD Japan), so maybe it's like a Windows 8 thing. I don't know. I decided it's not that bad, so I should just get used to it.

Anyway, today is ridiculously hot. Yesterday was ridiculously hot, too, but it wasn't quite so bad because it had only been ridiculously hot for one day. The forecast says it will cool down tomorrow, which is really good, because we don't have central air conditioning. Our apartment stays relatively cool, so we should be fine if we can just get ourselves some fans. In the meantime, Page seems to have successfully made herself comfortable in her faux-fur lined cat bed, and looking at her makes me hotter. But she is adorable.

The real problem with the heat is that it saps your energy, and your brain power, so work was a bit of a challenge today. It doesn't help that I go through phases of being unreasonably intimidated by the editing process. It's like, "Oh man, that first draft probably needs a lot of help. We'll never make it sound decent!" And then we go back and look at some of our older work and think, "Oh man, we were so smart then. Why aren't we smart now?" ...That's not always part of the process; it usually happens when we're going over old LiveJournal entries, only then the reaction is, "Why aren't we funny now?"

It was part of the process today, though, because we ended up having to look up some flashback lines. Each new chapter of Missions of Love tends to start with the last lines from the previous chapter, and the volume we worked on today happened to start with a few tricky lines. It's that "taisetsu." They keep using it as an adjective (because that's what it is), and it almost always sounds unnatural in English. Like, "You're my dear student." It just...people don't talk like that. Or do they? We might just not have enough "dear" people in our lives to know. (We can be quite jaded.)

So we looked up how we had it before, and we had come up with, "You're my student. I care about you." And we were like, "Whaaaaat! That was so brilliant! How did we ever come up with it?" And then I was like, "If only this volume could turn out as well as that one did..." The lack of confidence strikes immediately! But we persevere, and so far I think we're doing a pretty good job. And! Athena came up with a brilliant translation for a line in UQ Holder!, but I can't go into that because it's a spoiler like whoa. ...Okay, maybe not like whoa exactly, but it's still a line that makes you go, "Whaaaat!" Although I guess if you don't know who's saying it or about what/whom/what/whom, it wouldn't really spoil anything, but I've already said too much, and I'm too amused by it all to erase it.

And now I'll mention it on Wednesday, and everyone will be like, "...'kay." (Assuming I even remember to mention it on Wednesday.)

Today I'm thankful for being able to come up with good-sounding (we think) translations, getting most of our work done today, Page apparently not being meltily hot, by-two-get-two-free candy bar sales at the grocery store, and forecasts of a cooler day tomorrow.