May 9th, 2014



Today has been a slightly difficult day in that we had to work despite the fact that not one, but both of the packages we were expecting arrived. And then, instead of working, we spent an hour talking on the phone with Celeste. But that was awesome, because we've been needing social interaction. We've been pretty popular, actually. Mom called to tell us about her Small World dolls, of which we're exceedingly jealous (she just started her collection with the Holland doll and the Japan doll), and Kimee called to ask about the 24-hour Disneyland thing that's happening in a couple of weeks. (I originally typed that as 240hour, and Athena said, "It might as well be.")

Anyway, we're putting off opening our shiny packages just a little while longer, because I have other stuff to talk about. Namely, Frozen. We'd sort of been thinking we needed to give that movie another chance, and if we still didn't like it at least try to figure out our own reasons why. The time to do that came last night.

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After the movie, we played Theatrhythm and felt a little better. And today! we finally got the package containing Theatrhythm: Curtain Call, so you can guess what we'll be doing tonight.

Today I'm thankful for the "How Frozen Should Have Ended" video, having our shiny new video game, having our stupid CD, getting to talk with family on the phone, and making good progress on work despite our late start.
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