April 27th, 2014


Dun dun DUN!

Today was the dreaded first day of choir practice. Dun dun DUN! ...It wasn't really bad at all. We just got together and went over parts. Athena says it was stressful because she was trying not to take too much time, but the tenors and altos didn't seem to be getting their parts and stuff. There were a lot of strong singers who weren't able to make it to the practice though--the strong tenor is in the bishopric and had to do bishopric things, and we're pretty sure our neighbor could make a strong alto but she was home sick.

It was also a little tough because people didn't really seem engaged. Ironically, the one who seemed the most engaged in what was going on is the 15-ish-year-old who spent about five minutes before choir practice trying to explain to me why he shouldn't have to go to choir practice. Well, at least someone was interested(?). Anyway, we're doing a very simple song, so hopefully it will all work out.

There was a sort of cute story in Primary today. Every week, if someone has a birthday, they get to come up to the front and have everybody sing to them. They didn't call me up because I guess they don't sing to adults (or pay attention to adults' birthdays), but there was one little girl whose birthday was today. Another little girl, the little girl of "the little girl" fame, must have just recently learned about birthdays, because she was very excited to show everyone the song that you sing to people on their birthday. The chorister was cool about it and let the little girl finish, then she said that she wanted to sing another birthday song, so we all sang "Your Happy Birthday. But while we were singing it, the little girl got very upset, because that is Not the song you sing for birthdays. And so the whole Primary ended up singing "Happy Birthday to You" again.

It was kind of a thought-provoking experience, because it really emphasized how fixated people get on the way you're "supposed" to do things. I mean, obviously, there are right ways and wrong ways to do things, or else math would be completely arbitrary. Also, for someone's birthday, I think it's fair to say that the right thing to do is to sing a song that celebrates the birthday person's day of birth. So how do you teach a kid that it's okay to sing other songs to celebrate someone's birthday? Or an adult, for that matter? And how do you know the difference between a different right way, and a wrong way? I think the last question's easier to answer--you ask yourself why you're doing what you're doing, and if the way you're thinking won't accomplish that, it's probably wrong. Just food for thought, I guess.

Finally, last night we had more adventures in seiyuu fandom. This edition's feature: And Yet the Town Moves. We wanted to watch some anime last night before going to bed early(ish), and our first choice was Skip Beat! (we both finished reading the latest volume of the manga last night and oh. my. goodness!), but that wasn't available on Hulu, and we didn't want to sit at the computer. And lyschan keeps plugging SoreMachi, so we figured we should get better acquainted with it. We watched a couple of episodes of the Manga 2.5 version on Crunchyroll, but it had one main drawback in that we didn't care about any of the voice actors. We can be terribly discriminatory at times.

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Today I'm thankful for choir practice not going too badly, having Easter cookie dough to make cookies with, getting to talk to our neighbor about Wednesday (we're probably off the hook for babysitting, but it is Moving Day, so we told her to call us anyway if they can't get anything else to work), getting to read another super great volume of Skip Beat!, and oh my goodness the stuff going on in Skip Beat!.