April 21st, 2014


Busy day

We babysat again today, and there was an incident that I think is a good illustration of the kind of unreasonableness we sometimes have to put up with. The little girl decided to play Pirates, which was fine, so she was Captain Hook and I was Mr. Smee...and then she found one of our plush dogs and he was our pet.

She took the dog out to the living room and made him start playing the piano. I can be pretty childish myself, especially when it comes to pianos, so now that I see somebody else playing the piano, I want to play the piano. I tried to play with the dog, but that wasn't allowed--I couldn't play because right now the dog was playing. So I asked if I could play when the dog was done, and was given permission. But then! the little girl started scolding the dog because only humans are allowed to play the piano. She took the dog and tossed it into the bathroom for a timeout. I tried to reason with her that it wasn't fair to put the dog on timeout--dogs can play the piano just as much as humans if they want to (especially if they're not damaging the piano, which this dog certainly was not doing). But she would have none of it. The dog wasn't human and was playing the piano, so it had to go on timeout. At least I was in charge of the timer, so its timeout was only a minute long, even though the dog might actually be about twenty years old or so (an effective timeout is supposed to last one minute per year of the child's age).

But so as not to paint an entirely bad picture of the little girl's demeanor, I will point out that she was kind enough to bring us some of the Peeps she got at Easter yesterday, and didn't even demand that we share them with her.

After the children left, we went to the store to take advantage of Easter candy being on sale, and there we discovered that the bank had blocked our card. They'd been emailing for a while about how we had to activate the new card that they sent us, but since the card never arrived, we never activated it. ...And typing that up reminded Athena that we actually had a bunch of mail we never opened, so she did a quick inspection and discovered that the card actually had arrived. Oops. And here we just called the bank to get them to cancel it and send us a new one. Eh heh heh heh...

Anyway, the point is it was forever before we got to work today. We almost decided not to, but we're still really eager to get Noragami translated, and translated well. I think this is one of the most highlighted translations we've done in a long time. It's hard to say for sure, though, because sometimes I highlight stuff just for the heck of it, it seems. But it is true that we spent a lot of time telling ourselves, "It's just a first draft! Calm down!"

Fortunately, Yato is somewhat helpful in explaining the series-specific lingo, and sometimes even in linguistic terms, so that will be very helpful in figuring out final translations.

Today I'm thankful for the little girl offering us Peeps, getting to buy leftover Easter candy, having cash on hand to make the purchase, getting to work on Noragami again, and helpful banking associates.