April 15th, 2014


Doin' stuff

Book watch continues. We were intending to go to the office today and see if the books got delivered there without our knowledge, but first, we were intercepted by a babysitting request. This time we went to the little girl's house, and there were kittens! So it was pretty nice. And the baby was asleep for the first half hour, so the little girl kept her voice down and we got to stop and watch the kittens pounce on each other every so often. After the baby woke up, that cats konked out on the couch. It was adorable.

Then we went to the office and it was closed. Supposedly it will be open again in about three minutes. In the meantime, we're listening to Anubis's song again. (Actually, it went like this: I typed "In the meantime," and Athena said, "We could listen to Anubis's song," and I thought that was a great idea, so here we are.) Maybe we'll start watching the anime today.

Before that, we wanted to do something mildly productive, so we tried our hand at translating a bit of poetry. It's pretty hard! Fortunately, we have several books to help us out, including one on classical Japanese (which is very different from modern Japanese), and a book on tanka to tell us which words are pillow words, which words are pivot words, etc. etc. It's still really hard to get all the nuances right, especially when you're dealing with poetry masters.

...So I'm listening to this song and thinking, "Why aren't you in Chihayafuru?" Maybe there will be a third season...

Today I'm thankful for kittens, getting started on our little side project, Chex Mix being on sale yesterday, having envelopes we could use to send our taxes in, and being able to print postage directly onto those envelopes.