April 13th, 2014


Sunday stuff

Well, this weekend certainly has been interesting. We went to two baptisms, and then Mom came over! She's been staying in the area because it's the end of tax season, so she needs to be close to the actual location of the firm she works for. The idea was for her to stay with us over the weekend, but it turned out there was too much work left to be done, so she's still staying at our place, but right now she's at work. It's nice having her over, anyway.

The sad or happy part of this (depending on your attitude) is that she wasn't there when Athena taught the Gospel Essentials lesson today. This time it was on the Atonement, which is just the perfect lesson to have on Palm Sunday (or Easter, but we're having a special stake conference on Easter). And speaking of Easter and Palm Sunday and the Atonement, Collapse )

In the meantime, while Mom is at work, Page has taken over her bedding. This may be the closest Mom gets to Page all weekend. Or maybe, since Page enjoys Mom's bedding so much, she'll actually stick around to say hi. We'll find out!

Today I'm thankful for getting to visit with Mom this weekend, having a great discussion about the Atonement, getting chocolate from Relief Society, Page finding new ways to be cute, and tissue paper.