April 6th, 2014


Lazy Sunday

We just spent about four hours doing nothing! Okay, so it was chatting, which isn't nothing, but usually we get antsy and want to "do something" after a while. Also, Page was sitting on my lap most of the time, and on Athena's lap part of the time, so we didn't want to disturb her. We learned once again that the trick to getting her to leave is to burst into song. The point is, we just had a very relaxing Sunday afternoon...which turned out to be important because we'll be babysitting again tomorrow.

Speaking of babysitting, we babysat on Friday, too, which made for an interesting story. The little girl spotted our Disney Princess cookbook, and when I confirmed that it does indeed have pictures of the princesses in it, she asked if we could look at it together. Every time I turned the page, she would excitedly shriek the name of the princess whose picture was on it, with two exceptions. Apparently she hasn't seen The Princess and the Frog, so she didn't care enough to shriek Tiana's name. The other exception is a bit telling. Whenever there was a picture of Merida, she would say, "It's Brave!" I told her, "Her name is actually Merida, by the way." The little girl replied, "I want to just call her Brave."

You see what happens when you don't let the character's name be the title, Disney?

On the other hand, she did call Rapunzel by name, so maybe it's just a reflection of how much she cared about the particular character. Or maybe it's just that her mother is proudly of German descent, so of course her mother is going to make sure her daughter knows the German princess's name.

Anyway, we had two more great sessions of general conference today. I think my favorite talk was Elder Teh's talk about laying up treasures in heaven. That kind of thing sometimes makes me panic, because when we have a lot of free time, I worry if we're wasting it on frivolous things. But this time, the speaker made his focus the types of treasures you can lay up in heaven, so it's like, "Here are some things to help you know if you're on the right track." The list included acquiring traits like faith, hope, humility, and charity; strengthening family relationships; serving others; and learning the doctrine of Christ. If you're interested in hearing the whole thing, or any of the other great talks we heard, you can go here!

(PS: Here's the link to the choir performance I mentioned yesterday. The song is a children's song called "I Lived in Heaven," and is about what the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints believes about life before living on earth.)

Today I'm thankful for having a nice relaxing afternoon, not being in a position of having to find babysitters, getting to hear more great conference talks (there was one on gratitude!), getting to listen to some really neat accents, and it being dinner time.