April 5th, 2014


Conference highlights

Whew, general conference has been pretty intense so far. There were a lot of good messages.

I think one of my favorites was from Elder Zivic. He told a story about how he went with his wife and daughter to Arches National Park, and they went on the hike to Delicate Arch. It was a pretty arduous hike, so soon into, his wife and daughter sat down to rest. He was really eager to get to the arch, so he decided to go on without them. There was a guy hiking ahead of him, and he seemed to have a pretty good idea where he was going, so Elder Zivic followed him. But the path got harder and harder, and when he finally got to a point where he was able to see the arch in the distance, he realized there was no possible way he'd be able to get to it. He had no choice but to go back and meet up with his family. When his wife and daughter finally met up with him later, he asked if they made it to the arch, and they happily reported that they did. They just followed the signs on the trail and made it there no problem. The moral of the story is: be careful who you choose to follow.

I think one of the most important talks was by Elder Zwick, who spoke about...what was that quote? Something about "no corrupt communication." Paul says it somewhere. But the main message was the importance of listening to each other and working to understand the other person's perspective. Ask each other, "What are you thinking?" only not in a "What are you thinking!? You're crazy!" kind of way--in a sincere way that honestly tries to understand what the other person is thinking.

There was also a talk by Sister Reeves, where she mentioned how people in the church will say, "Don't tell us to read our scriptures and pray--we have so much to do already, you're only stressing us out more!" But, she pointed out, if you take the time to read the scriptures and pray every day, those are exactly the things that will help you reduce stress in your life. I think that's probably true, because I do those things, and I think of myself as a pretty laid back, not stressed out person. So if you're stressed out, try praying every day!

Oh right, there was one more thing I wanted to mention about conference. For the afternoon session, there was a choir of young adults from the...area somewhere around Provo or Salt Lake City...but the point is, they sang a Primary song, and usually I really hate it when grownup choirs sing Primary songs, because they sing it in their big mature voices and it's like somebody playing a violin piece on a double bass. But this time, they kept the innocent sound in their voices, and the arrangement was really, really nice, so I totally recommend listening to it! ...And I was going to post a link to the video, but it's not up yet. I'll have to do that later.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see two more great sessions of general conference, not being too sleepy this morning, Page joining us for conference and not accidentally closing the video, having a Freschetta to look forward to for dinner later, and that really pretty arrangement of "I Lived in Heaven."
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