April 4th, 2014


Dinner party

Entirely unsurprisingly, dinner with the missionaries was not nearly as scary as we felt like it would be, although it was a little awkward, because only one of them is a proactive conversationalist. But that was cool, because he's also a huge general conference fanboy, so we had a good time geeking out about general conference talks. (Speaking of which, general conference is tomorrow! There's a thing going around Facebook about how the talks are basically like TED Talks--ten to twenty minute uplifting speeches. You can check them all out here! Right now, they only have the talks from the women's conference last week, because the rest of the conference sessions haven't happened yet.) It made me think, "We should geek out about conference talks more often!"

It also made us feel very old, because everything reminds us of the cartoons we watched growing up, so we would explain something that we were reminded of by starting with, "Does any of you know about...?" and they never did. One of the elders is from Wyoming, which reminded us of the Garfield and Friends bit about how Wyoming means "no state here," and as proof, they point out that nobody actually knows anybody from Wyoming. So whenever we meet someone from Wyoming, we get a little excited. That elder also got extra points because he was familiar with the old Disney Afternoon shows, since his grandmother used to tape them for his family. We blew his mind by telling him Gadget and Chip were played by the same actress.

After they left, we had the usual awkward feeling of, "Aaaah, we just had people over I hope they don't hate us!" It's irrational (I think), but it happens. So then we forgot all about it by playing Kamigami no Asobi.

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Today I'm thankful for having a good time with the missionaries last night, having time to play Loki's story tonight, getting to eat leftover pizza today, getting to watch an episode of Yozakura Quartet last night, and having shiny new SR cards in Kingdom Hearts [chi].