March 21st, 2014


Rabbit on the moon

This morning we found out about It's A Small World's 50th anniversary celebration, where they're asking people to go online and record videos of themselves singing the song, and it has us really anxious to do something awesome! ...But then we hit the massive roadblock of, "But what...?" and we lose most of our momentum as we lose ourselves in work. Maybe we'll think of something.

Anyway, Collapse )

So then we watched the latest episode of Castle, which was about ninja and it bothered us, because it obviously hadn't researched the same things we had. We're pretty sure ninja do still exist in Japan, but instead of being assassins, they work at theme parks. (Or they are assassins, but nobody knows about them because duh. Ninjas.) Also, it's not like we've done the research either, so we could be wrong, but we're pretty sure it's not "perfectly acceptable" in Japan to visit a hostess club. At least not any more acceptable than going to a strip club.

Of course, I have to point out that our research is far from extensive, so it's entirely possible that we're wrong about all of this. Mostly I only bring it up because it brought up an interesting point about pronunciation. It's true that when we watched Card Captors, every time someone said the name suh-KUR-a, we would say out loud, "Sakura." But usually Americans mispronouncing Japanese doesn't bother us. We still say carry-okie, and we even trained ourselves to say anime with a more American accent because people recognized it that way (and also because it's short for "animation," so technically the American accent is more correct).

What bothers us more is when people try too hard to pronounce a word right. All through that episode of Castle, people were saying sah-EE-to instead of Saito, and it drove us nuts. (It's true that Japanese doesn't have vowel harmony, but it does have diphthongs.) There was one character who pronounced the name almost like side-o, and that was far less annoying to us. I think there are two reasons: it bothers us when people try too hard to sound smart, and it bothers us when people talk unnaturally. But of course, it's all a personal opinion.

Today I'm thankful for all of Tsukito's non-creepy endings, getting to finish work today, fifty years of It's A Small World, having a cute kitty that loves us, and having plans to go to a ward activity tonight.