March 19th, 2014



Oh my goodness, Kai. That doesn't make any sense. Let me start over.

We finished work really early today, so we decided to get a head start on our next assignment, which we kind of decided is Say I Love You 4. We have a couple of things that we want to get finished reallyreally fast (not reallyreally fast enough to work overtime today, but we still want to get them turned in soon), and since the future of our working on Sukina kind of depends on how volume four goes, we figured we should probably get that done sooner rather than later, just in case we need to make our editor find a new translator. (Although, as I mentioned yesterday, we have high hopes that this will not be the case.)

So we were working on Say I Love You, and we made it to the part where Kai is introduced. And now we have a new favorite character of all time. ...Okay, so not "of all time," especially because he's not played by one of our favorite voice actors (although it's possible his voice actor will become one of our favorites after we watch more of the Say I Love You anime), but oh my goodness. I really should start a thing where I write up our thoughts about what we're translating somewhere else, to be posted when the volume comes out and everybody can know what we're talking about. But the point is, we have to keep translating this series because of Kai. Probably.

Anyway, I mentioned a thing about pseudonyms yesterday, and since I'm not panicking about something else anymore, I think I can focus enough to write about it now. Now, the way I see it, there are probably about a million very good reasons to use a pseudonym that have never even occurred to me. And in fact, we're already thinking we'll use a pseudonym if we ever get around to writing a best-selling novel (trying to write, I mean).

But when it comes to translating manga, we'll probably never use one, because the only time it ever comes up is in relation to stuff with content we find objectionable. I can totally understand not wanting to associate yourself with something like that, or not wanting someone to Google your name and associate you with the objectionable work all the time. Like I said, there are probably a ton of good reasons. But as for us, if we don't want to be associated with something, we find the best thing to do is to stop associating with it. It's true that we translated some things that have content we object to, but we see no reason to hide that fact. If it gets to a point where we can't stand the thought of being put in the same category as that thing, we take ourselves out of that category, and if somebody asks us about it, we can explain. Or such is our (possibly very naive) view of the world.

Today I'm thankful for Kai, having enough time to go to the grocery store today, getting to imagine that the real reason Yuuki Kaji played Hayakawa in Sukina is that he had auditioned to play Kai and didn't get the part, having chocolate creme cookies to look forward to, and also having chocolate syrup.