February 13th, 2014


The song of silence...

We did not get to go to the sing-along last night, so our afternoon at Disneyland got off to a pretty rocky start. We even got there about half an hour earlier than last week--last week, when there were plenty of empty seats--but they had already filled up! I guess word got out that there was free stuff at the last one. The mean side of me is hoping they didn't come up with something as appropriate for The Little Mermaid, so they didn't give out anything extra. ...Okay, I don't really hope that, but you're not supposed to go for the free stuff! You're supposed to go for the camaraderie and sing-alongitiness. And who am I to assume that people only went for the free stuff? Gosh, what a jerk.

Anyway, we thought about skipping out on work early today so we could hit the sing-along tonight, but we wore ourselves out a little too thoroughly last night, so our enthusiasm for it was pretty low. Besides, we still haven't watched our Little Mermaid Blu-ray, and if we had watched the movie at Disneyland, the Blu-ray would go unwatched even longer, because whenever we discuss what to watch, we'd be like, "We just saw The Little Mermaid." Now we have plans to watch it on Sunday.

Then we made the mistake of deciding not to bother checking the single rider situation for the Matterhorn, and waited in the really long standby line. It felt especially long, because it was getting dark and for some reason there wasn't any ambient music for most of the line. Athena says she thinks there never really has been, which would explain why waiting in line for the Matterhorn bobsleds always seems so hard when you're on the northeast side of the mountain.

And then we made ourselves grumpy by going through the Sleeping Beauty walk-through. It's so hard, because there are definitely some real cool ideas going on in there, but it's so arrrrrrrgh with all the focus on Maleficent. And you can't burn the spinning wheels before the baby's even been given her gifts! I'll be the first person to admit that the movie is really about the fairies, but A)it's more about Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather than it is about Maleficent, and B)there is technically a love story going on, and there are plenty of people who would like to see it represented in the walk-through (the kiss at the end is not enough).

All that being the case, my answers were not as complimentary as they could have been when I was stopped by one of the ubiquitous Disneyland survey takers. I was frequently thanked for being honest. And then I felt a little bad, because I was like, "It's not like anything bad happened--I just had a bad attitude!" (Not that I said anything horrible--I just gave a lot of sevens out of ten, and usually said "good" instead of "very good" (the highest is "excellent").) But seriously, they need to fix that walk-through.

Then we came home and salvaged the evening by watching the Burn Notice special, "The Fall of Sam Axe," and that was pretty awesome.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see that Burn Notice special, our Kingdom Hearts edit not taking twice as long as the translation, getting to go on Dumbo yesterday, still having Girl Scout cookies to look forward to, and having plans to watch The Little Mermaid on Sunday.