February 8th, 2014



Today has been mostly uneventful, which is really very nice, after having so much eventfulness that we haven't had time for stuff. But there was one very important thing that happened, on the way home from the grocery store. We came across a Girl Scout Cookie booth. We haven't had Girl Scout Cookies in years! It was a little touch-and-go for a while, though, because I didn't have any cash! At the grocery store, they asked if I wanted cash back, and I was like, "No, I don't think I'll need cash. We'll just leave that money in our bank account."

And then there were Girl Scout Cookies. And they wouldn't accept a card.

Fortunately! they would accept a check, so we went home, put our groceries away, picked up a checkbook, and walked back to the Girl Scouts. And now we have cookies.

There is a bit of a tragedy to all this, though, in that we now have definite confirmation that all the cookie names have been changed to boringness. I think it happened years ago, but since we haven't had Girl Scout Cookies in years, and we were living in a very different place than when we grew up with Girl Scout Cookies, we thought it might be regional differences or something. Apparently not so much. Even the Trefoils are now a bland "Shortbread." How does that set them apart from any other shortbread I could by anywhere? (Or at Disneyland...okay, the Disneyland ones are obviously set apart by the image of Mickey Mouse wearing Scottish garb.)

The only reason we can think for the change...okay, there are two. But actually a look at Wikipedia indicates it has something to do with the manufacturers. Turns out one of the manufacturers is a subsidiary of Keebler, which explains how Keebler's Fudge Shop has been knocking of Girl Scout Cookies for so long.

Anyway, the point is, we now have Girl Scout Cookies, and we are very happy.

Today I'm thankful for having Girl Scout Cookies, the Girl Scout leader accepting checks, having ingredients for our next adventure in cooking (and aluminum foil), getting to watch a new episode of Psych last night, and also having ice cream.