January 28th, 2014



Oh man, we just realized today that the more time-consuming of our projects, which we thought was due on Thursday, is actually due tomorrow. Whee!

It's okay, though, because it just means switching things around a little bit. Instead of splitting time between this and the other project (actually due Thursday), we just work all day on this one tomorrow, and then we have that much more time on Thursday to work on the other one. Whew.

Now we add Missions of Love into the mix, and toss in a bit of UQ Holder!, and oh my goodness I want to pass out. But if I passed out, I wouldn't have time to finish my work or have any non-work-related fun, so never mind. Really it just means that we've decided we're going to watch Fantasmic! on Friday...or actually no we're not, because we just remembered they're not doing Fantasmic! because the pirate ship is being refurbished. That's okay, too. We have a ton of fun stuff we've been putting off.

But speaking of shows that aren't happening at Disneyland, Gaston and Alice went to see Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies at Knott's Berry Farm on Saturday. See, when Billy Hill stopped playing at Disneyland, we thought the band was just ready to retire, but then we found out some stuff and it looked more like the "retirement" wasn't really their idea. Now they're at Knott's with a new name, so Kirk (the lead Billy) calls all the band members by their real names instead of "my brother Billy." From our research it's their way of making that distinction between their work at Disneyland and the fact that they're not at Disneyland anymore. I do wonder what happened.

I think I had some other random thing to mention, but I can't remember what it is. Thinking is a little difficult right now.

Today I'm thankful for realizing the deadline mix-up before the deadline, getting a shipping confirmation from Kinokuniya, Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies not being unemployed (according to Gaston and Alice, they were playing at Knott's's biggest performance venue and the place was still packed), having some peppermint bark, and the hope of a lighter workload next week.