January 27th, 2014


Back to work

We finally got our computer back and had to go straight to work! See, Gaston and Alice came over on Saturday night to crash at our place while they spent the weekend playing in Southern California, and they brought an inflatable mattress. Page pretty much hid from them the whole time, but we know she likes to explore at night, and we also know that sometimes when she comes up against a large new object, she will reach as high as she can and place her claws inside said object. So the mattress got set up in our spare bedroom, also known as our office, and we kept the door closed at all times.

Page also tends to get lonely when she's been in hiding for too long, and she's the type of cat to stand at closed doors and meow. She did this even when all four of us were in the living room. So even though Gaston and Alice were gone all day Sunday, we figured it would drive Page crazy if we went into the spare bedroom and closed the door on her, so we opted not to use the computer.

That being the case, we had plenty of time to do other, non-computery things, like listen to CD dramas, and that's how we finally listened to the Tenshi 1/2 Houteishiki CD drama we bought lo these many months past. Collapse )

Today we went to California Adventure, and went on Radiator Springs Racers for only the second time ever. I still think it's over-hyped. People need to realize that so the line can stop being so ridiculously long. (I probably shouldn't complain, though, because we went through the single rider line and got on in about five minutes.)

Athena summarizes her opinion of Cars Land like this, "Wooow, this land was really well done. I hate road trips; can we leave now?"

But we do like stopping by the Cozy Cone. That's a neat concept.

And now we're home and we're working again. We may need to get back to work after dinner. Boo. And us just learning that the whole feature film version of The Reluctant Dragon is on Netflix now. Well, hopefully we'll get to it before it goes away.

Today I'm thankful for having a lovely visit from friends, getting to listen to the Tenshi 1/2 CD drama, getting to brainstorm new ideas for this year's Halloween costumes, getting to show Gaston "Last Man Standing" (which is pretty much about him in 20 years), and work not being too difficult since we just had a lovely break.