January 22nd, 2014


Who's got the time!

Ha, ha, ha... As of two days ago, we were pretty sure we were on track for a slightly heavy workload, but not too strenuous. I mean, sure we had four deadlines in two weeks, but we could totally handle it. We weren't even too daunted when we remember that oh yeah, with that Missions translation, that actually makes five deadlines in two weeks. But the other four weren't taking too too long, and hey, there's always Saturday if we need it.

Then Mom called to talk about stuff, and we discovered that Celeste's baby shower is this Saturday, and we kind of want to go, but that's going to take all of Friday and Saturday. We told Mom we might have to Skype it in or something, but we still want to make an effort to go. And that's why we've been doing almost nothing but work for the last two days. ...Well, that and we ended up chatting with a friend on Facebook for an hour. We would have multi-tasked it, but the project we didn't want to divide our attention too much with that particular project.

And to add to the busyness! our bishop called yesterday asking when...okay, so you may or may not remember that out computer desk was badly injured in the move. Bishop was here to help unload the truck, and as it just so happens, he has a computer desk that needs a home. We are very good at making due (hence our continued lack of lighting), so we didn't really bother bugging him about it. But he's so awesome, he remembered and called us. So he's coming over tomorrow to deliver and assemble the desk. It's very, very nice of him, but with everything else going on, we're like, "Noooooooooo tiiiiiiime!!!!!"

Anyway. The way things have been going, we still have no idea if we're going to make it to the baby shower, but we're going to keep working hard anyway. It's a win-win, really--either we get to go to the baby shower, or we'll have lots of free time next week from getting so much work done this week. And when the crunch is over, we can celebrate by going to the Lunar New Year celebration at Disneyland! Yay!

Oh! And we discovered (through Facebook) this website with a genie that plays 20 Questions and guesses any character you can think of! ...Well, not any character. We stumped it a couple times, but once it was with a video game character from a game that hasn't been released Stateside, and the other time it was a character from the book of Bambi but not the movie. But it guessed Yukina from Missions! Here, you can try it!

Today I'm thankful for making good progress on work this week, Bishop being kind enough to give us a computer desk, having Dove chocolates to help us survive the nonstop work, Akinator the Web Genie, and Page's new food coming really fast (we think she might be doing better in the eating department, but she's still asking for different food).