January 16th, 2014



We did it! We turned in both the projects we had due today! Now we have two very similar projects due one week from today! Whee! But we actually have, like, twice as much time, because we get to start them tomorrow instead of Tuesday. But we should also have a chapter of UQ Holder or two and a volume of Missions of Love to translate, so...it's going to be interesting.

Speaking of interesting, we just found out that an acquaintance of ours from church actually named her son Bruce Wayne. It's not really a bad name...actually, I never really liked the names Bruce or Wayne, but I see nothing wrong with a kid sharing a superhero's name. We do prefer to be more subtle about it, for example, Logan is Logan James, not James Logan, or if you have twins, name them Peter and Parker. But the thing about it is I have mixed feelings because we spent so long keeping all our geeky interests out of conversations because we got so very tired of seeing people's eyes glaze over when we started talking about them...and more and more we're finding out that people we've fallen out of touch with (because they're married or whatever) are even geekier than we are! What the heck?

Anywho. Fortunately, the eyes glazing over thing tends to be less of an issue when, for example, you go to Build-A-Bear on a mission to purchase a Fluttershy. We needed to pick up some things in Downtown Disney today anyway, so we decided one of those things would be Fluttershy. And we got to have a lovely conversation with the Build-A-Bear employee about My Little Pony, and how awesome Fluttershy and Rarity are (Rarity was her favorite, obviously Fluttershy is ours), and how nice it is to have a show that depicts female characters being strong in all kinds of different ways instead of just kicking butt (although there is some of that, I think...? I tend to forget the Rainbow Dash episodes). We all agreed that when they're done releasing the main six ponies, they should sell Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. And Cadence and Shining Armor. And Big Macintosh. A-yup.

Oh hey, it looks like voting is still open at the Manga Translation Battle! Now's your last chance! Go! By the time you read this, it may already be too late!

Today I'm thankful for having a super adorable new Fluttershy plush with her beautiful Galloping Gala gown (and 6-in-1 voice sound thingie! "yay..."), getting to geek out over My Little Pony, meeting out deadlines for this week, finding out that they have new flavors of Disneyland popcorn (we didn't buy any because we're still sort of saving money and Fluttershy), and oh wow did we seriously get paid? We actually got paid! Totally thankful for that.