January 12th, 2014


Furniture casualties

Okay, so apparently there was some kind of awards ceremony thing in which Meryl Streep went off about what a terrible person Walt Disney was, and I'm actually kind of glad she did it, because she mentioned all the negative things we hear/read people say about Walt Disney. And then, people who actually did lots and lots of research had the opportunity to address those points, explain where the misconception came from, and tell it how it really was. That being the case, there's a great article at Cartoon Brew fact-checking the common misconceptions about Walt Disney. Of course the man did have some major flaws, but if we're going to bash him, let's bash him for the real things that were wrong with him.

In other news, I thought it would be fun to talk about how some of our furniture survived (or rather, did not survive) storage/the move.

First, and probably more boring unless you're a pianist, there's the piano. Since I had been asked to play the organ in church today, I decided I ought to practice, which I didn't get around to until last night. It's kind of sad, really, because whenever I get a chance to play the piano, I never want to stop (unless I've been playing for like three hours--by then I'm usually ready for a change), but we're still trying to figure out our schedule these days, and what with all the everything, practice kind of fell through the cracks. So it wasn't until last night that I discovered that the piano did not make it through storage unscathed. I had had my fears, since people kept telling me that pianos don't do well in storage, but there wasn't really anything I could do about it, so I didn't bother worrying, either.

And in fact, the piano was doing pretty much exactly as well as it had been before the fire...except that the F sharp right above middle C refused to budge. It was Stuck. It didn't really become a problem until I started practicing the hymn that had two sharps in it, and at that point I decided to try and unstick it. After pushing really hard, I succeeded! ...And then G started acting up. It will go down, but then it will stay there, and keep making the sound, which can be rather discordant.

On the bright side, we follow my old piano teacher on Facebook, and he sometimes asks if anybody needs a piano tuned. On the not so bright side, he lives about two hours away. Maybe he wants to take his daughter to Disneyland...

As a very amusing piano-related side note, Page likes to explore the new apartment, and one night she decided to jump on the piano. She walked all along the keyboard...and then walked all the way back! She's too cute.

The other significant change to our furniture situation (other than the beds, but I think I've already mentioned them) is the computer desk, which did not survive the move down here. We think it just couldn't take the weight of whatever was resting on its right side, because...okay, so the desk has two levels for computers--the higher one, where you put the monitor, and the lower one, that sticks out farther so you can put the keyboard there. The weight of whatever it was carrying snapped the lower level off the screws that were holding it in place. But the board is still mostly in one piece, so we just put it on top of the screws and it works just fine, except for the not being held in place thing.

For the most part, this is easily counteracted by the heavy books we placed on the far side of the board. But if, for example, I were to put my elbows on the desk, then it will seesaw out of place. It's actually kind of adventurous, especially when Page tries to jump on the desk. ...We think she won't be trying that again for a while. (She didn't fall, fortunately, but she really didn't like the experience.) And it reminds me of when we read somewhere about the origins of the "no elbows on the table" thing. Something about how the tabletops weren't fastened in place, so if you put your elbows on the table, all the food would come sliding toward you! Very bad manners indeed. (I haven't fact-checked that, though, so take it with a grain of salt.)

Our bishop told us he has a computer desk he can give us, but I think we're going to have to remind him if we ever want to collect, and we're still kind of in "hiding from the world" mode.

Today I'm thankful for the heavy books holding our desktop in place, getting lots of exercise this last week, fact-checkers, getting caught up on our TV shows last night, and the pretty night light we have in our office (which doesn't do anything to provide more light after sundown, but it sure is pretty!).