January 3rd, 2014



Well, it's our last post before we're in our new apartment. We spent a lot of time today being stressed out about Big Changes and how scary they are. We also spent time loading the van. Celeste and her husband came over to kill time and also to spend time with us before we move away, and we spent most of that time playing the demo for Project X Zone on our brother-in-law's 3DS. Afterward, we looked up the cast and suddenly we're a lot more interested in Megaman. (Also, we're annoyed that we didn't figure out the voice from listening.)

Anyway, here's our daily(?) reminder to go vote in the Manga Translation Battle. If we had more time and mental capacity, we might go through the entries and find specific examples of why translation quality is more than just whether or not the characters use name honorifics. On the other hand, it's all right there at the Manga Translation Battle website, so go see for yourself! And vote! And tell your friends!

Today I'm thankful for finally getting in touch with the people from church at our moving destination, Celeste and her husband coming to see us, getting to play the demo of Project X Zone (it would probably be even more fun if we were familiar with more of the games it has characters from), having everything we need to get Page set up as soon as we're in our new place, and getting to see the little desert cat at the zoo on Wednesday.