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Once again, it would seem I have nothing new to write about. Soon we should be updating our multi-part series, but Celeste will be home soon, and I think we want to have taken the TV by then. It'll work out very well, because she'll want the computer. But if we have the computer, she'll take the TV, and neither party will be assertive enough to just ask the other one to trade. We are so insane.

Actually, since now I know she'll be wanting the computer, and not just hoping, then I probably would have no problem asking to trade. But before, we didn't know what she wanted to do--just that she didn't want to be bored.

Aaaaanyway, it's not really true that I don't have anything to write about. Aurora is officially engaged now, which is really big. We found out about it a while ago from Mom, but apparently there was a time when Mom wasn't supposed to tell anyone, so I wasn't sure if it was safe to say anything. Not that it really matters, since the only people on our friends list who know her aren't reading LJ currently.

Our family is very bad at sharing information, though. We found out about it when Mom was talking about her sister's sewing skills, and saying that she even offered to make Aurora's wedding dress. And we're like, "That'll be great when Aurora needs a wedding dress..." And Steve's like, "I can't believe that's how you told them. Let's back things up a little."

And I guess that's why I still don't really get a sense of anything going on. Or maybe it's because we haven't talked to Aurora in almost a year, except for when she called very briefly to get Mom's home phone number. We've never met the guy, either, but we have heard her talking to him on the phone. When she would drive me to and from work at Disneyland, she would talk to him the whole time. I think that's a good sign, because they've known each other for a long time, and they really enjoy each other's company. I'm currently afraid of marriage, myself, because we have a hard enough time dealing with roommates, and we've seen enough marriages end badly and/or result in really messed up kids. Or maybe we've read too much Fruits Basket.

At any rate, because she's getting engaged, Mom suggests we buy homey type stuff for her for Christmas. That puts us at a total loss, because we only have the bare necessities, if that, so we're not exactly sure what people need in a home. In our case, the important stuff would be a computer with internet, a TV, and a gaming system. Plus food and a refrigerator and all that stuff, but there's no way we could afford a refrigerator or microwave. Mom suggested a blender. That's another one I wouldn't have thought of because we never use the one we have, which is actually technically Celeste's, but we've had it all the time we've lived here.

And so those are my ramblings for the day. I really need to leave soon here. Today I'm thankful for being so much closer to finishing the crazy crazy thing, the Treat Turkey, CD Japan not giving up on us, getting to watch the Molly movie last night, and having lots of snacks for today.
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