December 16th, 2013


Christmas party

As usual, we had a somewhat busy weekend. Sort of. Athena woke up on Saturday feeling under the weather, and since it's about the right time of the month for her to be coming down with bronchitis (as she did last month and the month before), we decided it would be better to scrap our ideas of clearing out the middle bedroom (more on that later) and focus on not getting bronchitis.

So we had an Attack on Titan marathon. We'd kept hearing about it, and when lyschan said she was reading the manga too, we decided we didn't want to be left out anymore. We had been thinking of getting to the anime eventually anyway, but it's tricky finding time to watch anime around here. Saturday gave us a great opportunity, though, because Mom and Steve were out of town at a wedding. So we watched the first eight episodes, and oh my goodness, that Eren kid has some serious anger management issues. So far we're not super attached to any of the characters, but we do want to find out what the heck is the deal with everything. Also, we were happy that we got to use our German learning, because the first two lines of the opening theme are in German. Hurray!

One of the reasons we decided it was so important to conserve energy is that we knew we would have to expend more than usual at the ward Christmas party. As I mentioned once before, we were recruited to the planning committee, and thus we were committed to take charge of our little Las Posadas event. This was a source of a fair amount of stress throughout the day, because we hadn't had the time or mental capacity in the previous couple of weeks to make it as awesome as we thought it could be.

Fortunately, we knew it didn't have to be, like, a Disneyland event. Just a little parade and some Christmas carols. Another member of the committee was assigned to make the doors that Joseph and Mary would knock on, and she really went to town with them--they were fancy (but not over the top). Two of the bishop's children had been chosen to play Mary and Joseph--not because their father was the bishop, but because their mother is known for making costumes for her family and they happened to already have some for this particular type of event. And they were adorable.

Since Athena and I had the best idea of what was going on with the whole thing, I MCed the little event, and Athena led the Primary procession. (She figured the easiest way to do this was to play the part of the donkey, so she carried Mary piggyback around the cultural hall. Joseph informed Athena that he was a foot and an inch taller than his sister.) The first innkeeper was the choir director's husband (and friend of the family), and he did a really good job. He was all, "Dost thou not see that we are full!?" I complimented him on it at church the next day, and he said he was worried that he was a little over the top with the anger. In the real Las Posadas, they sing a song where one of the innkeepers tells Joseph to leave before he beats him, so we figured it was probably okay.

I don't know if the kids enjoyed the procession very much, but they probably didn't care because afterward, there was a pinata! Yay! They were pretty excited about that. To make sure everyone got a chance, each kid only got to swing at it once, and the pinata was the sturdiest pinata I've ever seen, so not only did all the Primary kids get to swing at it--we had to recruit the young men and young women to finally break it open. And then the kids got to see Santa and they all lived happily ever after. Or something.

As for the clearing out of the bedroom, that was something we did today. Steve's mother is coming into town for Christmas, and we need a bed for her. The only problem is now there's not a bed for Athena. But Steve wanted the room ready for deep cleaning by tomorrow night, so there you have it. (There also might be a problem in that Page doesn't seem to like the idea of the litter box being in the laundry room. There's some questionability as to whether or not she'll get over herself.)

Today I'm thankful for the Las Posadas event going well (the adults all seemed to think it was great, anyway), getting to watch Attack on Titan, having vanilla cookie scented hand soap, managing to find places for the stuff we'd been keeping in the middle bedroom, and having our comp copies of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days manga.