October 23rd, 2013


Night Head Genesis

Whoa, we're actually updating LiveJournal at our normal time today! This is made possible by the fact that we're finally all caught up on work again, and our current project involves sewing. And I still have to ask Mom how her sewing machine works. Page was very helpful, though. She would lie down on the fabric and occasionally attack it while I was trying to cut stuff out. Very helpful when trying to stall. (I don't like sewing much. (But I do like having new costumes!))

And I think it's about time we got back to our commemorative multi-part series.

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Today I'm thankful for getting a good start on our costumes, getting to use Mom's good cloth scissors (oh my goodness, so much easier than using whatever scissors happen to be lying around that may or may not have been used frequently in the past to open Otter Pops), getting to translate Night Head Genesis, Page not pining for the out of doors after getting a taste of it this morning, and the beautiful weather outside.