October 20th, 2013


Back at the zoo

We're still playing catch-up on all our work after all the babysitting and being sick, so what did we do yesterday? We went to the zoo! We did plan to get to work after the zoo, and we did...but then Logan woke up from his car-ride-induced nap and was so distraught to have lost all the awesome company he had at the zoo that his parents brought him and his brother over to hang out some more. We may have a long day ahead of us tomorrow.

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Okay, I'm done telling baby stories for now. Hopefully we'll get back to our manga series tomorrow, or sometime this week.

Today I'm thankful for managing to have as much energy as I did yesterday, getting to see the fancy new reptile exhibits (komodo dragons are smaller than I thought! but king cobras are a looot bigger (er, longer, anyway)), having a checkerboard strawberry/vanilla cake to look forward to (for Kimee's birthday dinner), awesome giraffe experiences, and getting to help some of the youth index names today.