October 17th, 2013


Learnin' German

This morning we realized that the "working through the sickness" thing wasn't working, so we took the day off and spent it watching TV. We're now caught up on the two sitcoms we haven't been watching, but we are also very tired of watching TV. We may move on to something like reading, or learning German. Ja, Wir lernen Deutsch. I don't know if that's right. We only just started, and we've been way too distracted to remember stuff. Anyway, we pulled up the App Store one day, and there was a featured app for learning languages, so we downloaded it. You can choose German, Spanish, French, or Italian.

Ultimately, we decided on German, because so far that's looking like it will be the most important if we want to go on trips to look for ancestral records. Apparently that's a thing when researching family history. Since you're trying to find proof that people existed--great grandfathers and grandmothers--and, oddly enough, when someone was born a couple hundred years ago in Germany, they don't just have records of them sitting around in California, and they're not on the internet (yet). So you go to the place where they kept records back then and look them up. We hear it's a great excuse to have some pretty awesome vacations.

We do apparently have some Roman ancestry, but I think it's far back enough that they were speaking Latin, and we didn't know about it until a couple nights ago. And so we opted to learn German instead of Italian.

We had some annoying moments with the app at first, because for part of it, they want you to type words and phrases in German, and German uses special characters that you can't get on a regular keyboard. But! Logan helped us figure out how to get them on the iPad. When Athena brings it out for him to play with, sometimes he'll open up the Reminders app. We think he likes the colorful icon. And then Athena will let him write a reminder, which usually consists of strings of one letter. One time, instead of tap the letter continually, he held his finger on it (the letter O, which is his favorite letter), and then a little box opened up full of O's with different accent marks over them. And Athena said, "Aha!" Only she didn't really say it, but you get the idea. And I bet a lot of people already knew about the feature, but we think it's funny that Logan was the one who showed it to us.

Anyway, mere minutes ago, we were informed that there are plans to go to the zoo on Saturday, so we'd better get back to resting, to make sure we're well enough tomorrow to get enough work done so that we won't need all of Saturday to catch up on stuff. Why do all our deadlines have to be at the same time?

Today I'm thankful for TV days, having things to do other than watch TV, cough syrup, knowing how to input special characters on the iPad, and being all caught up on our TV shows.