October 13th, 2013


My bus

Well, the weekend stopped being eventful after the fair yesterday, but I think that's probably a good thing. No, that's definitely a good thing. It just means I don't have anything new to report on, and I don't feel like doing the commemorative multi-part series right now. So instead! I'll just tell another cute nephew story.

After working for several hours on Thursday, our brains started to shut down and we determined to Take A Break. Of course Logan took advantage of that opportunity, and so we found ourselves outside with the sidewalk chalk. One of the reasons Logan likes coloring with us so much is that we'll draw things that he requests. He's gotten pretty good at drawing roundish shapes--he even drew an almost-perfect circle once--but he's not so good at drawing, for example, an elephant. In fact, he seemed pretty astounded the first time I drew a cat for him and he realized that you could make pictures with coloring utensils. After that, he kept saying, "I wan' 'no' cat." ('No' (where the apostrophes are used as apostrophes and not in-quote quotation marks) means "another.") I think I drew like six cats that day (those ten minutes).

He's branched out in his picture requests now, and on Thursday, he was interested in vehicles. I think it started because he heard a siren in the distance. So he said, "I wan' wee-oo." We're not sure if he's ever actually seen an ambulance or a firetruck, but he's heard the sirens. Also, I couldn't tell if he wanted an ambulance or a firetruck, but while I was trying to figure it out, he changed his mind and said he wanted a buh. We weren't immediately sure what a buh was, but then we remembered how excited he got last weekend when we were out and about and he saw buses. He wanted a bus.

So Athena found the yellow chalk and started drawing a school bus. By the time she'd finished, he had gotten distracted with something, but he was so insistent on getting a bus that Athena wanted to make sure he saw it. So she said, "Hey, Logan, come look at my bus!" This was not pleasing to him. He got an adorable sulky look on his face and said emphatically, "No! I wan' MY buh!" (For anyone interested, Logan's pronunciation of "my" isn't exactly complete--it's kind of like "ma" with half an "i" sound at the end, instead of the full "mai." He's still working on diphthongs.)

So Athena drew another bus and wrote Logan's name on it, and he was much happier. (We don't know if Logan knows how to read his name (he knows the letters O and B...?), but all we had to do was say, "There's your bus," and that was good enough for him.)

We're told that the next day, when Logan's dad came to drop him off, they were walking up the driveway (where we had done all the drawing), and Logan pointed the bus out to his dad and said, "There my bus."

There's also an elusive legend about him pointing out his bus, and subsequently pointing to the other bus and adding, "There Thea bus." But we've only heard that version once and in passing, so we don't know the details, or if we even really heard it.

Sadly, now both buses have been erased from existence. Should we have taken a picture? ...They were just drawings on the sidewalk. Like sand in the hourglass...these are the chalk drawings on the sidewalk. ...But technically the sand stays in the hourglass, so the analogy really doesn't work, does it? We could compare them to footprints in the sand, but that conjures up a whole different, non-analogous analogy. Okay, so the analogy is analogous, in that it is an analogy, and it's one that works for its purpose, but it's not analogous to the buses on the sidewalk story.

Anyway, the buses will live on in our memory.

Today I'm thankful for the matter of the buses being easily settled, Page coming out to sit with us, having chocolate to look forward to, our Little Mermaid Blu-ray finding us, and Logan's father not having any classes tomorrow.